Change the filter for the Jura coffee machine

The CLARIS filter on the Jura coffee machine saves you from decalcifying the machine. But the filter must be replaced regularly. How to do this is explained below.

When does the filter have to be replaced?

Theoretically, your Jura coffee maker will tell you when it's time to replace the CLARIS filter after a flow of 50 liters of water or two months. Your Jura coffee maker will display something like "Ready / Filter" on the screen. If, contrary to expectations, it does not ask you to replace it after two months of using the filter, you can also change the filter without changing the machine. If your CLARIS filter cartridge is not activated, your Jura coffee machine will not ask you to switch.

Change the filter on the Jura coffee machine step by step

  • A vessel that holds 500ml
  • A new CLARIS filter
  • Fresh tap water

1. Remove the water tank and filter

Remove the water tank and empty it. Open the cartridge holder, remove the old filter and dispose of it properly.

2. Insert new filter

Insert the new filter into the water tank and press it firmly with a little force. Make sure that it locks properly! The snapping should be heard clearly.

Then fill the water tank with fresh water and put it back in your Jura coffee machine.

3. Rinse

Place a device that holds at least 500ml under the hot water spout. If your Jura coffee machine has a milk supply, remove it.

Depending on the model, press either the maintenance button (eg Jura IMPRESSA C9) or the filter button (Jura IMPRESSA C5) until the "Filter" indicator flashes (at C5). With the C9 the rinsing process starts automatically, with the C5 you have to press the rotary knob.

The coffee machine rinses 500ml of water to put the filter into operation. The water may have a slight color, which is according to the manufacturer normal and not harmful to health.
After rinsing, your Jura coffee machine goes into standby mode and you can use it as usual.

Tips & Tricks

Avoid damaging and clogging your Jura coffee maker by cleaning it regularly. Find out how to do it here.

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