Secured in an emergency: What costs are incurred for the home emergency call?

A functioning home emergency call can be lifesaving in an emergency - at least it gives a sense of security. Do you belong to the elderly or chronically ill people who would like to take advantage of this special protection? Read all about the costs here!

Base prices of the largest providers

The prices of the largest provider of home emergency call services in Germany are approximately between 15 and 30 euros per month for the basic service. There are also unique connection costs between 6 and 80 EUR - a surprisingly large price range.

For some providers, the costs vary by region, as they work in individual associations that set the prices independently. These include, for example, the German Red Cross and the Maltese.

More service - more costs

At the base prices, additional costs for special service are added. These include, for example, secure key storage and regular alerts.

All calls, or at least a monthly limited number, are there for a higher price for free: With such an offer, they book, so to speak, a "flatrate".

Always pay close attention to what's in your very own personal package - and what's not. Do not be surprised by hidden costs! If actual emergency calls cost extra, then this may be an inhibitor to call for help.

For a package going beyond the basic services you pay between 25 and 60 EUR per month. If you want to rent a mobile phone from your home phone provider, this will incur additional costs of between 10 and 50 EUR.

If you do not book an emergency flat rate, pay close attention to the minute rates! Your own mobile phone can also be used for the home emergency call. Inquire how high the fees are and whether you can save costs in this way.

Also fall sensors and fall detectors incur extra costs that may already be included in a larger package. The prices vary in the range of 7 to 15 EUR per month.

The fall detector can be a really good investment in case you should actually fall so that you can no longer service the emergency call yourself! He may save your life for a few EUR more a month.

Major provider of home emergency calls

For exact prices, it is best to contact the local vendors. Here are some of the most important companies and associations offering a home emergency call:

  • Maltese aid service
  • Johanniter accident help
  • German Red Cross (DRK)
  • Worker Samaritan Covenant
  • angel Guardian
  • Sonotel
  • Vitakt
  • TeleCare24

Home emergency call: What pays the care fund?

In the case of recognized long-term care, the long-term care fund pays a fixed subsidy for connection costs as well as a monthly flat rate. The basic care is sought, for additional services you come to private.

You should pay particular attention to this with your home emergency call!

To ensure the quality of your emergency care, there are a few things to watch out for. Do not fall for dubious dumping offers, but focus on quality - it's all about your life!

  • An alarm center staffed around the clock should be included in the offer.
  • Let us confirm in writing that there are people in the center with relevant emergency medical training, no nurses or even assistants.
  • The emergency call system should be able to process as many calls as possible at the same time so that no waiting times arise.
  • Look for a power failure fuse so you can make an emergency call even when there is no power grid available.

Concrete costs for a home emergency call using the example

An elderly lady books a house call. She chooses a comprehensive package with fall detector and rental mobile phone. The nursing care fund assumes the base price. We add up the monthly costs for this particular case, plus the one-time connection fee of 55 EUR.

Cost overviewprice
1st service package "plus"45 EUR
2nd fall detector10 EUR
3. Rental mobile phone20 EUR
total75 EUR

If you only want the basic service, then you compare exactly what amount the fund actually pays and what your selected provider requires. In the best case, the two numbers should coincide!

Tips & Tricks

Before placing an order, clarify whether your chosen provider is a contractual partner of your care fund. Otherwise, the cashier might refuse to pay!

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