With granite slabs, the appearance often determines the price

When choosing granite slabs, the visual appearance is often the focus. In addition to the color and texture, the source, the place of origin and the proportion of quartz significantly influence the price. Cheap granite slabs cost as much as plastic, lace granite can reach marble prices.

Beauty increases price

The composition or type of granite is an essential quality feature. Floor tiles for outdoor use must be frost-resistant and therefore must not have excessive water absorption. For worktops, for example, in the kitchen, this plays only a minor role. Unlike granite floor tiles, countertops are only used when polished. Granite slabs with a ground and flamed surface are also used on the floor.

In principle, the exceptional tendency of the texture and color can be taken as the optical tendency for the price of a granite slab. Granite unfolds its appearance through graining, which is composed of very differently colored minerals. The more expressive the texture is, the higher the price becomes. Also increasing the price is a high quartz content, which causes the typical shimmer of the granite slabs.

Locations for granite slabs

  • Countertops in kitchens
  • tabletops
  • Bathroom wall and floor coverings
  • washbasins
  • Floor panels inside
  • Floor panels outside

That's how much granite slabs cost

Sawed and flamed gray-white granite slabs as flooring begin at around fifty euros per square meter for thicknesses up to three centimeters and cost up to one hundred euros for ten centimeters thick. Dark granite slabs with polished surfaces and textured textures start at around one hundred euros and cost up to 250 euros per square meter. Worktops are usually priced in running meters with a standard width of sixty centimeters. Simpler black and white and gray granites cost around eighty euros. In the price range between one hundred and 200 euros per running meter can be chosen between almost all occurring granite dyeings. Granite slabs in the red color range and particularly expressive textures can cost up to 600 euros for the current meter.

How to save

For example, some traders offer sawn, flamed and grinded granite slabs more cheaply than floor slabs than polished countertops. In some cases, the purchase and repolishing can be cheaper than the purchase price of an adequate finished countertop.

Tips & Tricks

Use blends of granite floor or worktops for window sills, coasters, chopping boards, shelves or bookends.

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