In the commercial sector, fire extinguishers are required

In the commercial sector extinguishers are prescribed in sufficient numbers. However, how many fire extinguishers need to be purchased in a shop, office or factory depends on the risk of fire. The so-called fire risk factor determines the number of extinguishing agent units.

Low risk of fire

Here only solid substances with a low risk of fire are present. In addition, due to operational and local conditions, there is little possibility of fires developing. At the same time, there is little possibility of fire spreading.

These commercial areas are classified as low risk of fire:

  • Salesrooms and warehouses with non-combustible items
  • law offices
  • surgeries
  • Corridors
  • Office without file storage
  • brewery
  • cannery
  • nurseries
  • Steel and mechanical engineering
  • Turning / Milling / Stamping
  • papermaking

Average fire hazard

Here are predominantly substances with high flammability. A fire is easily given due to local conditions. Nevertheless, no major fire spread is expected in the initial phase.

These commercial areas are considered, among other things, as medium fire endangered:

  • Warehouses, salesrooms and exhibitions with inflammable articles
  • chemical cleaning
  • Archive
  • packaging warehouse
  • Hall
  • Automobile assembly
  • metalworking
  • Office with file storage
  • Hotels and guesthouses - here the guest areas and kitchens
  • Kitchens in general
  • bread factory

Great fire hazard

Here, too, substances with high flammability prevail, these can often also be liquid. A fire is favored by the operational and local conditions. Here is to be expected with a large fire spread already in the initial phase.

In this category, but also commercial establishments are classified, which are not clearly assessed and therefore can not get an assignment to one of the other two classes.

These industries are considered very fire-prone

  • paper warehouse
  • timberyard
  • foam stock
  • Warehouse with solvents, paints and paints
  • Depots
  • Car repair shop
  • Printer / Carpenter / Joinery
  • Flour mill
  • Weaving / spinning / upholstery
  • Cinema / Discotheque / Theater
  • Construction site with welding and fireworks

Floor space and room layout

The classification of the risk of fire is related to the calculation of the required extinguishing agent units to the base of the individual rooms in relation. For example, a small clothing store will only need a fire extinguisher with about six extinguishers. However, if there is still an office behind the store with a fixed door to the shop, another fire extinguisher will be needed in the office.

Tips & Tricks

Since it is often unclear, for example, in an office, the file storage is evaluated, you should always seek professional advice on how many fire extinguishers are actually necessary. In the event of fire, nobody wants to be the guilty party, because perhaps a delete unit was missing.

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