Install in a drywall door

Setting up drywall walls is one thing. But since most of the time it is about making separate rooms, doors are also needed. What should be considered when installing a door in a drywall, you can read here.

Stability of a drywall in door installation

Basically, the drywall is not for nothing known as a lightweight wall. That is, the construction is less massive. A door thus means a significant burden for a drywall. There are two ways to install a door in a drywall:

  • with a door leaf with a maximum of 26 kg (as a rule also room heights below 2.60 m)
  • with a door leaf well over 25 kg (usually at room heights over 2.60 cm)

In principle, we recommend using the drywall construction in such a way that a door leaf with more than 25 kg can be hung, since such a "heavy" door also means additional heat and insulation protection.

Install door yourself with door leaf up to 25 kg

The floor profiles (UW profiles) are conventionally fixed to the floor. The area of ​​the later door remains free. Here, at the later connections of the door frames, the UW profiles must be fastened with dowels in the ground. Please note in addition that a drywall should not be placed on screed.

Now, two UW-profiles with 0.6 mm thickness are placed in alignment with the later frames. As a lintel, a UW profile is also used. In the UW-profile, which acts as a fall, two more stands are provided. Furthermore, the slab should not run in alignment with the door frame. It has worked well if this is offset by 15 cm. You should therefore take this into account when setting up the stands; So put this 15 cm next to the door.

Install door yourself with door panel heavier 25 kg

The construction looks similar, except that the sides of the frames other profiles are used. Instead of the UW profiles, stiffening profiles (UA profiles with 2 mm thickness) are used here. On the UA profiles comes then again a lintel on which two stands are mounted. The UA profiles are now not only attached to the floor, but also to the ceiling.

Look for high-quality branded components urgently. Because only these are equipped with slots. The oblong holes are needed because the ceiling bend has to be considered. Otherwise, it will crack in a conventionally also attached to the ceiling drywall to stress cracks. Again, the side stand, so also the impact of the plates, 15 cm offset to the door frames done.

Tips & Tricks

Due to the high load of a drywall with door, it may be useful to double these instead of simply planking. Instructions for double planking of a dry wall are available here for you.

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