Freezing in aluminum foil - not always a good idea

Since aluminum foil is very flexible and, in contrast to cling film, also somewhat more robust, many users come up with the idea of ​​freezing food in it. If a whole leg of beef in the freezer should, there is probably no alternative to aluminum foil. For many foods, the glossy film is not a good idea, because the taste can be transmitted.

Avoid fruits and vegetables in aluminum foil - acids

Juicy foods that also contain fruit acids or other acids should never be wrapped in aluminum foil. Of course, aluminum foil is also not suitable for freezing. The acids in the food dissolve part of the coating of the aluminum foil. Not only the pitting in the aluminum foil is a problem, but the taste.

The taste of the metal foil is namely in this process in the food. To the disgusting taste comes the health hazard of the high aluminum content, which is then absorbed by the food.

  • Never freeze acidic foods in aluminum foil
  • do not wrap salty foods in aluminum foil
  • Cling film or bread paper as an intermediate layer

Saline foods eat alu

Salt also eats through aluminum foil. Therefore, saline foods are also not suitable to be wrapped directly in aluminum foil and frozen. In many cases, we forget about products such as sausage or cheese, because even in this, salt is always included.

Dips and sauces

In most sauces and dips, of course, also some salt is included. Often even a combination of acids and salts is present in the delicious products. Even if the dip is perhaps purchased in a package with an aluminum lid, you should remove the aluminum lid before freezing.

finished goods

If you buy frozen products that are protected by a layer of aluminum foil, you should also remove the aluminum foil from the freezer immediately after removing it. Many users first run hot water over the product to release the film from the frozen food. But again, the fine alum ingredients go into the food. You should always first remove the aluminum foil and then thaw the product.

Tips & Tricks

Even if you rarely need large plastic freezer boxes, you should always have some of them at home. If the large cans in the cupboard take up too much space for you, you can sort the smaller ones in the large cans or you can store flour and sugar in them. So food that you need less often are well protected and you always have a suitable freezer at hand.

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