Prepare in front of wooden facade. Prepare well

Who wants to delete his wooden facade, should pay attention to a good preparation. The wood must be removed or at least sanded. Loose paint residues must be removed without residue and any damaged areas must be replaced or filled.

Transparent or opaque color

Wooden facades can either be painted with opaque colors, where the grain disappears below the color layer. The alternative is semi-transparent or transparent colors and glazes. They emphasize the natural appearance of the wooden facade and protect it.

If a covering layer of paint already exists on the wooden façade, in particular throws and bubbles should be examined closely. Often moisture has formed underneath, which only becomes visible when slicing or grinding away.

Prepare in front of wooden facade. Prepare well: wooden

Sealing and penetration

If the grain of the wooden façade remains visible after painting, the paint applied when painting highlights the grain. Specialist companies speak of "flaring" of the wooden surface. When painting, the saturation and the associated depth effect of the paint can be observed well.

While in the covering brushing the uniform coating of the surface is in the foreground, a glaze in the wood should work. Opaque colors form a kind of "protective skin" and transparent glazes or varnishes seal the wooden facade in depth.

Important preparations

  • If the old paint is undamaged, thoroughly clean with lukewarm water and a brush.
  • A light sanding with 200- to 300-grit paper makes the new coat better adhere.
  • The wood should be checked by puncturing for strength. Replace soft parts.
  • Damage such as holes or cracks must be repaired with wood filler.
  • Any loose and peeling paint must be thoroughly removed with a spatula, wire brush or stain.
  • After sanding or sanding, the washing off of the sanding dust must not be forgotten.

The painting of the wooden facade is carried out according to the manufacturer's instructions. The brushes or rollers must match the type of ink used, water-based or solvent-based. The "hair" of the coating tools can be reduced by prior "knocking".

Tips & Tricks

An alternative to painting a wooden facade is spraying the paint. With a spray gun large areas can be processed very quickly. Disadvantages of spraying are the possible formation of "noses" and "runners". In addition, the protective "saturation" of the wooden facade is harder to detect.

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