Lay out a carpet in the hallway

A carpet in the hallway not only serves the aesthetics, but also has an often important sound-absorbing effect. However, the high frequency of use makes special demands on the flooring. Apart from the abrasion resistance to the effects of sand, stones and moisture, it must be designed absolutely non-slip.

Cleaning ability important

From the fashion of the 1970s, laying carpet in the hallway, most builders and homeowners have strayed. The wear and cleanability of the firmly bonded floor coverings do not match the specific requirements in this most frequently used room.

Loosely laid carpets have the decisive advantage of being able to be cleaned as complete pieces. They dampen the impact sound development that often occurs in the hallway, which is particularly noticeable in the case of floor coverings, tiles or laminate. Add to this the estimated pedal warmth, which increases the comfort of living when changing shoes.

Claims to a hall carpet

Some specific properties must bring a carpet in the hallway to serve as a durable beautiful and safe flooring.

  • Moisture and water resistance
  • Non-slip bottom or possible stabilization option
  • Insensitivity to coarse dirt particles
  • Level corpus without bulges or edge relief
  • Low construction height, so as not to make edges a trip hazard
  • Appropriate construction height, so as not to obstruct doors that might fold into the corridor
  • Optionally, visual décor that broadens the hallway

Special and normal carpets

The special requirements have led the manufacturers to develop special floor carpets. For highly frequented corridors, for example in communal facilities such as staircases or walkways, there are special synthetic products. They "attract" dirt by electromagnetic means. Also rubber mats are widely used, which can create the visual appearance of a carpet by design and printing.

"Real" carpets are understood as woven textile products. They are also generally suitable for a corridor if you meet the above criteria. Regarding the skid resistance, an anti-slip mat can be placed between the carpet bottom and the floor covering. The undersides of special floor carpets are usually already coated with anti-slip materials. Normal carpet backs are smooth.

Whereas in living rooms the quality of a carpet is usually based on optical criteria, functional parameters must be taken into account for carpets used in the corridor. A silk or wool rug, for example, is less suitable, the abrasion and moisture to stress the materials too much.

Tips & Tricks

If you are looking for the right carpet for your hall, you can also use the keywords runners and bridges.

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