Sewing a sofa back in no time: our best tips!

A cover is used to completely wrap a piece of furniture and give it a completely new look. At the same time, it protects the underlying surfaces against dirt and wear: a practical multi-functional cover, which is sure to make your sofa look wonderful!

This is how the self-made sofa stove becomes a successful project

Of course, it is important to choose the right fabric first if you want to sew your sofa home yourself. Make sure that the textile is easy to care for, as wrinkle-free, elastic as possible and, most of all, machine-washable and dryer-proof.

Before cutting you should wash the fabric once and dry, so the material is not only softer, but it usually enters a little bit. Then you can make sure that the sofa hanger will still fit after the next wash.

If the fabric still shows wrinkles after drying, it should be ironed well before processing. This will ensure that you can cut it to size without any problem.

To record your pattern

The easiest way to create the pattern for your self-made sofa home is to drape the fabric over the couch and mark it with chalk. This saves you the time-consuming task of measuring and transferring the measurements to the textile.

Now cut along the marked lines the individual parts of your Husse, turn each piece of fabric around and stuck it with sewing needles overlapping the adjacent element. You can then try a bit more to find the exact shape.

Sew and sew the sofa hems to size

If your pinned cover looks really good and fits all corners and ends, sewing is finally possible! This is the best way to do this:

  • Take the put together husse off the sofa.
  • If necessary, iron the hem to be sewn.
  • Sew together the pieces of fabric, sew over the edges.
  • Pull out the pins piece by piece.
  • Pull the sofa hanger to the right and put it over the sofa.

Tips & Tricks

Maybe you would like to combine two different fabric designs to create a sofa sofa in an exciting look! Try it with a plain and a matching, patterned fabric.

Product Image: Nata photo / Shutterstock

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