Balcony balcony extension - 3 solutions for different railings

Awareness of safety is much more pronounced today than it was in the past. So many balcony railing are now objectively and legally far too low. Especially for small children, this can even endanger your life. How to increase your balcony railing, we show here in three different common examples.

Stainless steel and iron railings increase

Here is a simple solution the cuff technique. For this, the handrail is removed at the top. Depending on whether it is square pipe or round pipe posts, pipe sections with a correspondingly larger diameter are placed over the posts. These do not have to reach down to the bottom, it is enough if they are led about twenty centimeters far over the old pipe. So you can build on these gauntlets as you wish. At the top we put the old handrail back in the end.

Concrete and stone

The old brick parapets on balconies are usually no longer sufficient today. It is possible to build up some rows here, but that often looks very unprofessional. A low balcony railing made of stainless steel or wood, which is simply screwed on top of the wall, is a much more elegant solution.

wooden railing

In a wooden railing, there are actually two ways for a visually appealing and secure increase. You can attach a small stainless steel railing to the top of the wooden railing, or make a raise with the same material.

Most elegant is the stainless steel solution, as the old wood of the railing will always look different than the new parts. From both materials, there are small screw-on brackets that allow an increase of up to twenty centimeters.

Stainless steel for every purpose

Basically, thanks to the wide range of accessories, a stainless steel railing is the ideal solution. It can serve as a supplement and enhancement on almost every railing.

  • Wood
  • concrete
  • stone
  • stole
  • stainless steel

Tips & Tricks

If you are not allowed to build a permanent increase for whatever reason, you can still make the balcony railing safer by increasing it. You will need from the right material a kind of U-bracket, which is placed over the old balcony railing.

On this U-bracket, you can attach the desired holder for an additional railing. When moving, this holder can be removed without residue and even take with you.

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