Increased safety through photocells

Increased safety through photocells: safety

If one decides today for a new garage door, then the choice falls increasingly frequently on a modern one Sectional, Their design provides them many advantages compared to the classical swinging gates, but they also harbor dangers, which are caused by special safety equipment be minimized. The latest developments in the field of safety technology are Light barriers, which provide increased protection.

Increased safety through photocells: garage door

Photocell at the gate frame

Increased safety through photocells: door

If the light barrier is interrupted, stops the gate automatically

A sectional door offers some design advantages: As it does not swing, there is more space in and in front of the garage. Cars can be parked close to the garage. So, for example, fits the Second car in a short driveway, In addition, an automatic sectional door can be open by remote control without getting out. You can drive directly into the garage and stay dry even in the rain.

Last but not least, children can be played with a clear conscience in front of the goal ball, because: Modern sectional doors, as by the manufacturer Hörmann, are characterized by numerous security mechanisms out. Between the individual goal members provides a trap protection that fingers can not be squeezed. There is also a certain danger from the lower edge of the door, which closes vertically downwards. Therefore one writes European standard requires that a sectional door, if it encounters an obstacle during closing, stop immediately and has to open again. More under garage door drive: Selection, installation and safety

Safety and comfort combined

The light barrier is at new gates with drive as safety Accessories available. Your advantage: The gate stops when closing contactless and thus increases the security clear. Modern drives, like the ProMatic and the SupraMatic from Hörmann can be programmed to so-called automatic feed. This closes the gate after a given time. For safety reasons, the use of a light barrier is even required for this comfortable solution.

Increased safety through photocells: garage

Leading photocell

Another light barrier solution is available for sectional garage doors with a built-in door on. The so-called wicket allows you to enter the garage quickly and easily without having to open the door. Practically especially if the garage has no side door. In order to avoid collisions with obstacles, Hörmann recommends leading the way Photocell VL2, Here, a light beam runs directly below the edge, which stops the gate immediately without interruption. Photoelectric sensors from Hörmann from 60 euros (EIA) available.

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