Organize topping - you have to pay attention

As a builder, it is their traditional duty to organize the topping-out ceremony. What you need to know and what to look for, you can read about in this post.

The topping-out ceremony has quite a few rules

The topping-out ceremony is an old tradition of the carpenters, which goes back to the Middle Ages - as well as the traditional carpentry, which is created for the topping-out ceremony.

The purpose of the Richtfest is on the one hand a "consecration" of the finished shell, on the other hand, a thank you to the craftsmen and helpers who helped with the shell of the house.

As completion of the shell usually applies the completion of the roof truss - when it is erected, the shell is completed. In buildings with a flat roof, on the other hand, the so-called "ceiling party" is celebrated.

Commonly used

  • take the last nail
  • the straightening tree
  • the Richtschmaus
  • the topping-out speech, in which the glass is thrown from the roof, and if possible should not remain intact

What you should pay attention to

There is also a bit of "etiquette" at the topping-out ceremony - things to watch out for as a builder in any case.

You have to get a tree, and arrange for the alignment of the straightening. The invitations for the craftsmen, the helpers and possibly for friends and relatives are their thing, and should be sent as soon as possible.

You should also stick to the traditional process - and above all, remember the beer, which in any case should flow abundantly at the topping-out ceremony. The food is traditionally rustic and a side dish to the beer, in some areas but there are certain traditional dishes. Here you should best ask the carpenter.

Tips & Tricks

If you are uncertain about your speech, just stick to common patterns or patterns. You do not have to leave a great impression, but should follow the usual customs as possible.

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