Inside Katzentreppe build - 3 variants

Would you like to have a seat on the cozy sofa? Then you should build inside a cat stairs, which brings the tomb tiger to a higher level. Convincing a cat to use a higher pitch is not difficult, cats sit and like to sleep in height anyway. So you should install comfortable platforms and wide shelves.

Variant 1 - drainage pipe

A thick plastic drainpipe is the pole for this cat staircase. Like a spiral staircase, boards are placed slightly offset at a distance of about thirty centimeters. For this purpose, the plastic pipe is sawn and sawed the boards on one side a little narrower, so that they fit through the pipe.

At the back, a pointed wedge is punched into a prepared hole in each step. So the board can not slip out of the pipe even with the most intensive use. Now you just have to fix the pipe in place.

Variant 2 - shelves

Shelves that you put offset on the wall, are an ideal climbing aid for your cat. But you must ensure that the floor is firmly screwed to the bracket or bracket. The surface of the shelves should make you non-slip. This can serve color matching carpet. More subtle is a paint job in which you sprinkle fine sand while the paint is still wet.

Variant 3 - wooden ladder

A real ladder can not make a good use of cats because of the round stairs, so you can build a wooden ladder yourself out of normal floorboards or decking for your cat. You need two cheeks. In between, approximately twenty centimeters wide steps are set out of ribbed decking. These simply screw through the cheek on each side with two screws. So that nothing breaks out, it makes sense to pre-drill all holes.

Tips & Tricks

Many cabinets look even better with a circumferential bar above. Look for wood in the hardware store that fits exactly to the cabinet. Then, with small angles, you can attach a nice ledge on top of the cabinet. Cover the entire area behind the bar with carpet leftovers.

At the same time you have created a place to sleep and a place for claw sharpening. The carpet should either be glued or screwed on with small strips. The screws must be sunk in the strips. Under no circumstances should you staple something that a cat uses.

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