A true gardener does not want to give up plants in the house and apartment. Plants provide a better indoor climate and have a positive effect on the atmosphere and thus on the mood of the residents. However, houseplants have very different needs than plants that grow in the garden in summer or all year round. The environmental conditions in living spaces are not optimal for thriving and even if there is always talk of "houseplants", no plant grows better indoors than outside. An adapted care is therefore crucial for plant health and flowering.


Optimize room climate

Sensitive people quickly suffer from dry heating air and also the concentration in the office decreases when the oxygen content of the room air decreases during the working day. This is where houseplants with large leaves help with air conditioning: they convert carbon dioxide into oxygen and evaporate water through the leaves, resulting in a healthy indoor climate. Furthermore, they filter the smallest dust particles and other pollutants from the air.

For indoor plants, you're spoiled for choice: whether you choose a colorful ornamental flower in a tub or a palm tree in the corner of the room, a cactus on the windowsill or a hanging plant that plants the shelf, it's up to you. Here you will find inspiration for natural room design.

orchid care

The orchid - exotic beauty

Orchids are popular indoor plants. They are distributed worldwide and there are many thousands of species. It is not for nothing that she is called the queen of flowers in addition to the rose. Orchids are not particularly demanding, but there are still some things you should keep in mind if you want to live with your orchid for a long time. orchid care


Yucca Palm: The Survival Artist

Yucca palm trees are the most popular office and indoor plants, because they do not need much except for a bright, sunny location. They spend weeks without water, are not susceptible to parasites, pests or fungal infections and give a tremendously pleasant feeling. They grow up to 10 meters high. That's why it's important to trim them regularly. Yucca care

Houseplants: plant

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Each plant has different demands on its location or the substrate used. In addition, a plant-specific care must be taken into account, which optimally promotes plant health and prolongs the flowering. In our extensive plant encyclopaedia you will find numerous tips on a wide variety of indoor and outdoor plants. plant Encyclopaedia

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