Induction cooker or ceramic hob?

Induction cookers are considered the most modern way to cook. Where the advantages compared to the conventional ceramic hob are, and which disadvantages one must take if necessary, you will learn in this post.

Win through the induction cooker

In a comparison between the induction cooker and the ceramic hob, the main differences are obvious:

  • precise temperature regulation
  • automatic shutdown
  • no hot hobs
  • minimal energy consumption

Only with the gas stove and the induction cooker can temperature be precisely regulated. If you turn off the heat, it is immediately reduced. The ordinary ceramic hob, on the other hand, heats up for a long time, occasionally causing overcooking if the pot is not removed from the hob.

Another advantage is the temperature-controlled timing that many induction cookers have. You can set a maximum temperature that must not be exceeded. The hob will then maintain this temperature constant for an adjustable time and will only heat up when the temperature drops. So you can simmer food for a long time without having to keep an eye on the pot.

Low temperature of the hobs

Due to the way an induction cooker works, the hobs do not get hot. This means that there is no risk of burn-in or burns. The risk of fire is much lower.

power consumption

The power consumption at the induction cooker is hardly noticeably lower in practice than in the conventional ceramic hob.

Possible disadvantages of the induction hob

  • significantly higher acquisition costs
  • Purchase of new, induction-suitable pots necessary
  • higher repair susceptibility and greater sensitivity
  • only comfort gain but no monetary benefits at the induction cooker

The purchase is worthwhile only if one is willing to spend significantly more money for the advantages of the induction cooker.

Tips & Tricks

A gas stove can be a surprisingly good alternative in many cases. Even if you do not have a gas connection, you can also easily operate with LPG.

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