Industrial floor cleaning is based on brushing and pressure

Industrial floors are naturally exposed to extreme soiling. Fats, oils, sticky and chemical substances do not attack the flooring, but must be removed for visual as well as safety reasons. Many vendors promote specialized procedures that are all based on traditional scrubbing and ciping.

Typical contamination

A suitably designed industrial floor withstands a wide variety of soiling. Typical residues on the surfaces are:

  • Grease and oil dirt
  • plan foam
  • adhesive edges
  • rubber marks

In an undamaged industrial floor sealing, cleaning consists of a combination of mechanical and chemical action on the contaminants. The intensity must be as large as possible without damaging the surface.

Tying, brushing and blasting

Basically, a distinction can be made between wet and dry cleaning. In all cases cleaning machines are used. In dry cleaning, all chemical residues and substances on the industrial floor are bound with auxiliary agents. After binding, liquid particles of dirt are dry and are sucked in.

Wet cleaning combines the principle of scrubbing with the highest possible mechanical performance. Common are rotating brushes, which wash the surfaces with strong pressure and high rotation. Above all, this method removes sticky and sticky deposits such as rubber abrasion or general road dirt deposits.

Supportive high-pressure water jet devices are used, which replace residues with pressure by the high acceleration of the water. It is reinforced effect by the use of hot water and the interference of dirt-dissolving cleaning agents. In general, almost all soiling can be eliminated without the use of chemical cleaning agents.

Selection of a cleaning company

A comprehensive industrial floor cleaning is adapted to the seal. Rotations, water pressure and temperature development must be in the tolerance range of the industrial floor. Professional suppliers dose the cleaning process and additionally use the time factor to achieve their results without too much stress on the soil surface.

Tips & Tricks

If you need an industrial floor cleaning, let us show you the different offers. Reputable sellers offer a free trial for which you should choose one that is particularly stubborn. In addition to the cleanliness following the procedure, also pay attention to possible reactions of the soil surface such as color changes or roughened surfaces. In this case, ask for the cause before placing an order.

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