Lay industrial floor instead of pouring

Laying an industrial floor is the alternative to casting with concrete or synthetic resin. Industrial screed and industrial floor slabs are laid. Installed floors are faster in most cases, but limited in load capacity than cast variants.

Four materials are laid

The manufacturers of industrial floors offer different models for laid industrial floors. The fastest and least expensive form are loose plates, which are assembled with joint systems to a closed surface. Plates of plastic and rubber are often also for laymen mountable.

Another type of construction is panels, usually made of concrete, which are sealed after installation. Here, the joints are closed to the surface, the strain tolerance must be maintained. If a screed has been laid, reworking is usually required.

Due to their high weight, steel plates are directly ready for use after horizontal laying. They are not suitable for moisture and wetness. Without additional coating in many cases, the required slip resistance is not achievable.

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