Industrial parquet: Where are the prices?

The industrial parquet is delivered in its raw state - it must be fully glued, ground and sealed. The price of the industrial parquet depends on the type of wood and the wearing course, the costs for the laying work are added.

Industrial parquet: calculate price

The industrial parquet always has a high life expectancy: Since the wear layers with a thickness of more than 20 mm were originally designed for factory floors, they are more than sufficient for the living space. The parquet can be sanded down several times during its lifetime.

The price of the industrial parquet is put into perspective, if one includes the decades of service life. Hardly any flooring is as robust as this solid wood floor, because it consists of vertical lamellas.

The cost of industrial parquet is currently around 20 to 70 euros per square meter, bargain hunters sometimes buy material for only 15 euros per square meter. Native wood species such as beech, ash and maple are particularly inexpensive.

In the medium price range, for example, industrial parquet made of cherry and smoked oak, high prices demanded the dealer for walnut and olive wood: A noble taste tastes a little more here.

Project example: Walnut parquet self-laid

For a living room parquet made of pure walnut, the homeowner does not order a craftsman, but does all the work himself. So he can save the high material costs elsewhere.

Further material costs are incurred for a vapor barrier film, the parquet adhesive, the joint filler and the sealant. Eventually a footfall sound insulation must be laid. In the hardware store the do-it-yourselfer borrows the suitable parquet sanding machines.

Cost overviewprice
1. Industrial parquet made of walnut66 EUR per sqm
2. parquet glue7 EUR per sqm
3. Joint filler11 EUR per tube
4. Wood oil for sealing100 EUR per 5-liter container
5. vapor barrier (foil)50 EUR
6. Rent for parquet sanders100 EUR
totalfor 30 sqm 2473 EUR

Combine industrial parquet with underfloor heating

If you do not have underfloor heating yet but are thinking about installing it, consider the following: The price of installing underfloor heating in combination with laying the parquet is often lower than the unit price for both services.

Tips & Tricks

A price comparison is always worthwhile, because the prices per square meter for industrial parquet of the same type of wood are highly variable.

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