Inexpensive and decorative: Build a wooden pavilion yourself

Who does not dream of his own small shady spot in the garden, possibly with creeping wine and a cozy sitting area? A garden pavilion does not have to be expensive at all, whoever lends a hand saves a few Euros. Nevertheless, you do not have to compromise on comfort and appearance, while at the same time you get a retreat with a very individual character. Read our tips on how to build a beautiful wooden pavilion yourself!

Determine the shape and size of the wooden pavilion

Which layout should your garden pavilion have? Many pavilions have a hexagonal shape, rarely are they square-shaped, but more often round. The round structure is complicated to accomplish, so we advise a neat hexagon.

The page length depends on your available space as well as on the selected wall material: Would you like to place your pavilion roof on simple posts, which you then connect with wickerwork? Then you are not set in terms of page length.

If you use pergolas or open fence elements as side walls, the actual dimensions are already fixed. Measure the base carefully, put pegs in the corners at the corners and tie them with taut strings.

Prepare the ground of the garden pavilion

Make a well-paved floor for your pavilion by lifting the ground about 20 to 30 cm deep, setting in concrete edges at the edges and pouring gravel and sand from the center.

After compacting and smoothing, lay beautiful paving stones in an appealing pattern or weatherproof WPC planks. Do you want a decorative tile floor? Then make a suitable mortar bed.

Build the wooden pavilion yourself

Now you have several options to set up a decorative pavilion. Here are our suggestions as a small incentive for your creativity:

  • Put posts all around with wards in the ground and insert long willow branches into the ground. Now weave the walls of thin watered willow branches, creating a natural look. The rods can be fixed with screws.
  • You can also easily make boards with boards. But remember to leave openings for light and air! A white coating gives the pavilion a noble touch at the end.
  • On a wooden board wall can be attached to various decorative elements, such as beautiful tiles or paintings. Invent your own little garden palace!
  • Maybe you do not want solid walls for your new pavilion: It gets really romantic, if you hang hanging panels between the posts, preferably made of translucent textiles. In bad weather, remove these curtains and store them.
  • Place ornate pergolas in the hexagon, which are also anchored in the ground with impact sleeves. So you can choose the most beautiful decorative walls in the hardware store, but spend more money.
  • Stable trellises are also suitable as side walls for the pavilion. Let it grow roses or wine, so your house soon merges with the green of the garden.

Install the pavilion roof

Finally, the self-made wooden pavilion still receives a roof. This consists, for example, of a wooden framework bolted to metal angles, which is covered with boards and roofing felt.

Tips & Tricks

A particularly cost-effective way is to cover the roof with battened bamboo mats. These offer excellent protection against the sun, but will not keep you really close in rainy weather.

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