Inexpensive and inconspicuous in the garden: the gutter made of brown plastic

Plastic gutters are chosen primarily for smaller buildings such as garden sheds or gazebos. On the buildings constructed mostly of wood, gutters in brown fit both to the building material and into the surrounding plant world.

The majority of manufacturers offer the standard colors gray, white and brown in their assortment. In the brown shades prevail medium to dark colors, which optically most adapt to the environment.

The high demand for brown plastic gutters leads to a very broad market offer. The various sizes and shapes of gutters and accessories are priced among the cheapest drainage systems.

Complete sets spread

The roof forms of garden sheds and pavilions are limited to prefabricated kits on a few types. Saddle roofs, pitched roofs and polygonal roof shapes are widespread up to eight corners. For all shapes the matching brown gutters with accessories are offered in a set and in different sizes.

  • Saddle roofs normally contain two gutters for the two sides of the roof, downpipes, drain sockets and fixings in the sets. For a pent roof, the set consists of half of the individual parts.
  • For a square roof rectangular corner joints for the brow plastic gutter are included. The increased installation effort with corresponding accessories makes the sets considerably more expensive than those for saddle roofs.
  • For the typical polygonal roof shapes of gazebos such as pentagonal, hexagonal and octagonal roofs, the price for the plastic gutter sets increases with the number of corners.

Examples of prices

  • At, the sets for gutters made of brown plastic for console and saddle roofs start at thirty or forty euros. Quadruple and pentagonal gutters cost about two hundred, six and octagonal shapes from 250 euros per complete kit.
  • The manufacturer offers sets between 199 and 379.90 euros.
  • Under the running meter of brown gutter made of plastic is available from six euros.

Tips & Tricks

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