Infiltration of rainwater on your own property - does that bring something?

A seepage system is not necessarily the first thing to think about when building a new building - and otherwise infiltration systems are treated rather negligently. However, you can read about the benefits of rainwater infiltration on your own property in our article.

Advantages at a glance

The seepage of rainwater on your own property can bring a lot of benefits:

  • Wastewater charges are saved
  • the microclimate in the garden improves
  • the plants in the garden grow better
  • one makes an important ecological contribution to water protection and municipal wastewater treatment

All these advantages should not be underestimated. The permanent reduction of the wastewater costs by the comparatively cost-effective creation of a trough infiltration on the property can certainly be worthwhile. Such infiltration systems are also completely maintenance-free.

Drain the driveway

In many municipalities, the discharge of rainwater from its own entrance to the public sewer system is no longer allowed.

However, since many driveways are provided with watertight coverings (for example asphalt), the drained rainwater from the driveway must be seeped anyway. In this case, it makes sense to put on the already necessary infiltration system a little larger and to seep rainwater from the roof and other surfaces with the same. As a rule, the extra effort here is minimal, but later wastewater fees will be saved on a permanent basis.

Options for infiltration

The easiest way is tray systems. They are inexpensive to invest and are often sufficient even in a small area with appropriate soil conditions.

Rigole systems or trough-trench systems are somewhat space-saving and are particularly suitable where less space is available on the property.

Otherwise, you can also create a trickle shaft or a seepage pond.

Tips & Tricks

In water protection areas and source protection areas you should never seep rainwater. In case of very bad soil conditions (loamy soil), it may occasionally be impossible.

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