Inflatable Whirlpool Comparison 2018

Purchase advice for the inflatable whirlpool comparison or test 2018

  • Thanks to automatic air filling, the inflatable pools can be assembled and disassembled in just a few minutes and are as easy to handle as possible.
  • So that the whirlpools can accommodate even several people without problems, they are made of particularly durable plastic and PVC. If you use your spa with at least four people, you should buy a hot tub with a minimum of 795 liters.
  • In contrast to the permanently installed spas, inflatable hot tubs are not only cheaper, but also much more space-saving. In addition, the whirlpool can be freely positioned and set up and used indoors.

Inflatable Whirlpool Comparison 2018: 2018

Why book expensive spa holidays, when the rest and relaxation in your garden can wait for you and is always ready when you want it? If you want to unwind without much renovation and a lot of money, an inflatable hot tub is just the thing for you.

The easy to set up Jacuzzis offer almost the same comfort and technical possibilities like the permanently installed spas - and inside and outside. All the more remarkable is that Stiftung Warentest has not yet examined the Jacuzzi for the home.

Which model is best for you, you will find in our next comparison to inflatable whirlpools 2018, which provides you with an extensive purchase advice on the subject of the inflatable Jacuzzi.

1. Wellness to inflate

Inflatable Whirlpool Comparison 2018: whirlpool

The digital control panel combines all functions to control the spa.

Inflatable hot tubs are often laughed at and sometimes dismissed as a better paddling pool. The inflatable little brothers of the permanently installed spas can do more than one would expect. Above all, the construction of the inflatable wellness oases works quickly and smoothly.

Since the inflation and deflation occurs automatically, not even real craftsmanship is needed for the construction. The functions are controlled via a digital control panelwhose operation is explained by means of the enclosed manual and usually does not require a pronounced technical know-how.

2. This should be considered when buying your jacuzzi

2.1. The size and capacity

Size is one of the most important factors in choosing the right spa. Offer in our comparison All represented inflatable hot tubs can accommodate at least four people.

Inflatable Whirlpool Comparison 2018: 2018

The Intex Whirlpool even accommodates up to six people.

Isolated species can accommodate six people. In addition, there are special sizes with space for, for example, eight people. Of course, the dimensions of the pool are relevant for calculating the size. The shape of the hot tub is more a matter of taste - depending on whether you prefer to sit in the circle or in the corners of the pool with your family or friends.

2.2. The heating power

The inflatable hot tubs are generally available year-roundThe maximum number of degrees is usually 40° C, sometimes even 42° C. However, it should be kept in mind that an indoor hot tub can not raise the temperature on average by more than 2° C per hour. For the pool to maintain the desired number of degrees, he mustReheat regularly, to prevent it from cooling down.

Some inflatable models also included a floor mat that serves as insulation between the pool and the floorto reduce the cooling. In addition, be sure to use a cover when leaving the spa, which also prevents the pool from cooling.

DANGER: Keep in mind that permanent re-heating also requires additional energy and additional costs.

2.3. The material

Inflatable Whirlpool Comparison 2018: comparison

For outdoor use, the pool requires a stable, weather-resistant framework.

If you want to use your hot tub in the cold seasons outdoors, you should of course take care Buy durable materialwhich does not become brittle even at temperatures below 4° C as the duration of use increases. The majority of the whirlpools in comparison consists of plastics such as PVC or polyester, The exact composition of the materials naturally varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.

For example, Intex's inflatable hot tub is usually made from a three-ply PVC layer, while Bestway's whirlpool is made up of a mixture of polyester, mesh and two layers of PVC. The multi-layer layers should make the pool as tear-resistant and resistant as possibleTrue to the motto: The more layers, the more resistant the whirlpool.

2.4. Equipment

Pool with "memory"

Some inflatable hot tubs from our comparison also have one Seat, which is designed with the so-called memory foam, This material adapts to the "sitting characteristics" of the user and returns to its original form after use.

The basic equipment of the models compared here definitely include a filter cartridge and the pool cover, In addition, some models also include a repair kit for small repairs, a carrying case, the already mentioned floor mats or pillows.

2.5. The functions

The filter pump of the whirlpools is a smaller one all-rounder: It pumps up the whirlpool and heats the water, but also filters it and activates or regulates the massage function of the jets of the pool.

Besides the standard air nozzles, some models also have Water jets that strengthen the massage effect and so can additionally increase the relaxation factor.

Inflatable Whirlpool Comparison 2018: inflatable

3. Care and cleaning of your test winner of the inflatable hot tubs

Inflatable Whirlpool Comparison 2018: pool

A replaceable filter cartridge should be included as standard.

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your inflatable pool is essentialso that you have something from your spa as long as possible. The possibilities of care in this area are summarized in the following three categories:

  • pool cleaning
  • water care
  • filter care

3.1. The pool cleaning

At the latest after the first whirlpool season it is time for a comprehensive pool cleaning, Before you let the water out of the pool, scrub the entire interior. For this you can use commercial sponges and disinfectants, which you also use in the normal cleaning work in the home.

Inflatable Whirlpool Comparison 2018: comparison

Complete relaxation only works with clean water in the pool.

After you have drained the water from the pool, let the interior dry completely. Afterwards, the whirlpool can be folded up and stowed away winter-proof.

3.2. The care of the water

Not only the pool itself needs regular care, but also the water contributes to a well maintained inflatable hot tub, The cover of the pool not only protects the water temperature, but also the water from dirt and any foreign bodies. Chlorine keeps the water germ-free and prevent algae formation or other clouding of the water. Alternative cleaning options and detailed information on the various care products can be found in the Amazon Pool Guide.

Should your Water discolouring green, the addition of vitamin C helpsto eliminate the green cast. How this works is explained in the following video:

3.3. The filter care

The filter is the most important component when it comes to filtering coarse dirt particles and foreign objects goes in an inflatable hot tub. That's why it needs to be cleaned regularly. Here one differentiates between a cartridge filter and a sand filter. More detailed information about the two filter systems can be found in the following table:

cartridge filterssand filter

Inflatable Whirlpool Comparison 2018: inflatable

Inflatable Whirlpool Comparison 2018: 2018

  • use a paper cartridge to catch the accumulated dirt
  • frequent cleaning and replacement required
  • expensive replacement filters
  • primarily used in smaller whirlpools
  • Water is filtered through quartz grains of sand
  • easier and less frequent cleaning
  • high purchase price
  • is used in larger whirlpools

4. Questions and answers about the topic of inflatable whirlpool

4.1. What amount of chlorine do I have to use to keep the water hygienically clean?

The amount of chlorine required depends on the water composition and quality. Either check them with a test strip or inform yourself about the manual of the whirlpool manufacturer regarding the water balance. As a chlorine-free alternative also offers the cleaning via active oxygen.

4.2. How often should I change the pool water?

Inflatable Whirlpool Comparison 2018: whirlpool

The engine of the hot tub is basically located outside the cladding and also includes the pool control.

Depending on the place of use, the water of the inflatable hot tub is dirty at different speeds and different speeds. Outdoors, the water is more rapidly polluted by falling leaves or wind-borne dirt than an indoor whirlpool. Either way the water can be exchanged within a few days, to prevent unhealthy germ formation. Furthermore, should in addition also used chemical cleaners for whirlpools become.

4.3. What noise causes an inflatable pool?

About the exact volume level make the manufacturer in other tests for inflatable hot tubs no accurate data. The pump of the inflatable jacuzzi itself is relatively quiet, the massage nozzles, on the other hand, generate a certain volume level, which is much less noticeable during use than from outside the spa. Pay attention to the time and your neighbors, if you treat yourself to an extensive wellness round. Even the best inflatable hot tub does not work silently.

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