Information about the real solid wood parquet

The original form of the parquet is the execution of solid wood. Centuries-old antique wooden floors in locks prove the extraordinary durability and longevity of high-quality solid wood products. Even the cheapest solid wood parquets, such as mosaic parquet and upright lamellar parquet, have an enormous lifespan that clearly exceeds that of multilayer parquet.

Seven main categories

The solid wood parquets are subdivided into seven main categories, the parquet floors, the mosaic parquet, the lamparquet flooring, the upright lamellar parquet, which is also known as industrial parquet, the parquet floorboards and solid floorboards as well as the parquet. In part, the categorization is fluid, as wood slats of different sizes represent the structural elements of several types of parquet.

While parquet boards made of parquet strips are glued together, solid boards consist of one piece. Mosaic parquet is composed of the smallest and thinnest slats, which are eight to ten millimeters high and wide at a length between twelve and 16 centimeters. Upright lamellas in industrial parquet are at a standard width of eight millimeters to over twenty millimeters high and, according to the name, arranged upright. Bar parquets consist of the largest individual elements.

Minimum hardness and finished parquet

Unlike in the field of multi-layer parquet, too soft types of wood such as pine are not taken into account. Oak, beech, maple, birch and ash trees find their way onto the hardwood floor from the local forests. Also popular are tropical shrubs such as teak, rosewood or mahogany, which are among the most expensive solid wood parquets.

Almost all solid wood parquets are also produced as ready-made parquet. For ship floor patterns, solid planks are produced with tongue, groove and click technology, mosaic and strip parquets are placed on support plates or nets and industrial parquet is available in solid board shapes.

Current offers

solid wood
Oak mosaic parquetfertigparkett.org12,41 EUR / sqm
Oak industrial parquetfertigparkett.org18.58 EUR / sqm
Oak lamparquetfertigparkett.org14,07 EUR / sqm
Oak floor board 20 x 140 x 600 mmfertigparkett.org34.26 EUR / sqm

Finished parquet with sealing

It is customary to lay a solid wood parquet in the untreated state, which is then sanded off and sealed. Further developed manufacturing techniques led to the pre-sealing of the individual elements, which make grinding after installation unnecessary. When using these products, you must think about the formation of joints, which results from an incomplete finish.

Tips & Tricks

If the substrate for a solid wood parquet is not in an undoubtedly perfect condition, you should have the installation and corresponding preparatory work carried out by a specialist. So you have the guarantee for the material and the craftsmanship.

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