Scraping woodchip wallpaper in 3 easy steps

In order to repair a woodchip wallpaper, there is, so to speak, a veritable magic substance, namely the liquid woodchip in a tube or in a pot. No one will see this invisible repair later on. Here we show how the woodchip wallpaper is repaired.

Liquid panacea for woodchip

Fortunately, there is now a panacea for damage to a woodchip wallpaper. Almost all damage can be repaired with the liquid woodchip, and if you then use the right color, no one will see that a repair has been carried out.

Stay animal lover

Especially cat owners know the problems with scratched wallpaper. Especially when our loved ones are still young, they like to confuse the wallpaper with a scratching post. So that you do not have to paper everything again, a tube of liquid woodchip is enough.

So the love between animal lover and pet remains until the kitten has understood where the scratching post is.

Patch the woodchip wallpaper step by step

  • Liquid woodchip
  • Wall paint
  • Abtönfarbe
  • spatula
  • Coarse sandpaper
  • Brush dull

1. Prepare and roughen

Around the damage you should scratch the woodchip slightly, so that the transition after the application of the new woodchip becomes invisible.

2. Apply liquid woodchip

Depending on how rough the structure of the woodchip wallpaper you want to repair, you may need to apply two coats of the liquid woodchip and dab it with the blunt brush and spatula.

3. Swipe and align

If the wall is painted white, you can either repaint the entire wall after drying the liquid woodchip wallpaper, or you can try to hit a slightly aged color. To do this, use some tropics of black tinting color that you stir into the white wall paint.

In other shades, it is also important to make an artificial aging by a few drops of black paint. Start slowly with a few drops so that the color does not turn gray or dark.

Tips & Tricks

If you can not handle the structure so well with the brush, it can help to simply mess around with the liquid hand on the liquid raspberry mass. So the mass can be adjusted very well and without disturbing transitions.

Video Board: How to remove wood chip wallpaper