Innovative protection for your home - purchase guide for alarm systems

The numbers are worrying. Every 2 minutes a break-in takes place in Germany. The invaders often opt for apartments and houses without alarm system, because here the dark figures have easy game. Do not wait until you are part of this statistic yourself. Find out about the best options for an alarm system here. This purchase guide answers all important questions on the way to your personal security concept.

Who needs an alarm system?

Long gone are the days when mainly feudal estates or luxurious single-family homes were targeted by burglars. Up-to-date statistics clear up with the misconception that modest homes and high-rise flats are spared. Indeed nobody is safe anymore from an attack on his belongings. Casual thieves creep around by day and by night, content with a small prey. Consequently, investing in an alarm system makes sense for every owner and tenant with their own four walls.

What must a modern alarm system be able to do?

In more than 70 percent of all cases, burglars get into the house through the windows or glass doors. Windows are pried open in seconds or the crooks smash the glass. In addition, the criminals use unsecured doors or other vulnerabilities to gain access. These tasks should fulfill a contemporary alarm system:

  • Permanent monitoring of all sensitive areas by sensors
  • Protective functions are also active when residents move freely around the house
  • Report of attempted intrusion by light signals or loud siren howl
  • Simultaneous notification to the police, a security company and the smartphone of the homeowner
  • Full control of all living areas day and night, on the move and on vacation

The system can not completely prevent a break-in. The primary task is to deter the offender by triggering the alarm. Therefore, professionals call an alarm system as a burglary alarm system. Statistics prove the effectiveness of this strategy. It has been proven that 2/3 of all burglars abandon their plans when an alarm system is triggered. Innovative systems are designed to work monitor closed and tilted windows And also react to glass breakage.

Which types of alarm systems are there?

In principle, a good-quality alarm system consists of three components: the central unit, the sensor and the signal generator. The centerpiece is the control center with an activation, deactivation and individual settings control. If a sensor reports suspicious activities to the house, the signals are processed and forwarded to the signal generator, which makes the alarm visually or acoustically public. In order to meet the manifold requirements for a modern burglary alarm system, the following three functionalities for alarm systems have emerged:

Alarm systems types in comparisonWired systemWireless Alarm SystemAlarm system with radio and app control
connectionelectric wireradio wavesRadio waves and WLAN
power supplyelectric wireBattery, battery, solar, mainsBattery, battery, solar, mains
controloperating elementOperating element, hand-held transmitterPC, smartphone, tablet, touch display
alarmvisually, acousticallyvisual, acoustic, SMS, telephone callvisual, acoustic, SMS, telephone call
location-independent controlNoNoYes

In terms of their fundamental functioning and primary task performance, the different types of alarm systems hardly compete with each other. All of them are composed of a central unit with a signal generator and function as local detectors via the sensors distributed throughout the house. Elaborate in the installation and problematic in the case of an extension to new components or a move to prove the wired variant, because the wires are to be laid under plaster. Since this type of radio transmitter can do without, the investment costs compared to wireless alarm systems move at a low level. Furthermore, a wired alarm system scores with longevity and minimal susceptibility, coupled with low maintenance requirements. These criteria guarantee a reliable operation of the system at a balanced price / performance ratio.

What advantages does a wireless alarm system have?

A complete alarm chain alone will no longer meet the demands of a modern alarm system. The informed user wishes Safety at the highest level, maximum flexibility and sophisticated comfort, Therefore, the innovative and intuitive wireless alarm system with and without app control is on the rise. The list of compelling benefits is long:

  • Suitable for new and old buildings alike
  • Easy installation and removal during relocation or renovation
  • Also works in case of power failure
  • With radio control up to 100, with radio and Appsteuerung up to 200 sensors teachable
  • Detection of closed, opened and tilted windows possible
  • Optional control on the way or from vacation
  • Investment subsidy by the KfW funding bank possible

The Smart variant allows a variety of useful extensions. For example, smoke detectors, roller shutter and lighting control can be integrated into the system. With so much technology, even the artisan gifted buyer sometimes reaches its limits. Customer-oriented manufacturers round off their portfolio with an experienced support team who will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have. You should not leave this aspect in the service offer in your purchase decision left.

Are there any disadvantages to consider?

The outstanding advantages of a radio-controlled alarm system have a bad flip side. Interference with radio waves paralyzes the entire system. This is especially annoying if you want to take control of the outside and the Internet connection is not working.

Another disadvantage excludes competent providers from the outset. For example, the German alarm system manufacturer EiMSIG deliberately dispenses with cloud and additional servers. This saves the monthly fees of up to 10 euros for the provision of external providers. In any case, security-related functions should always be controlled via a local control element or a protected smartphone app.

Tips & Tricks

As you read these lines, another burglary has taken place, with all the psychological and material consequences for the victims. Get in touch now with the experts for a modern and reliable wireless alarm system before you and your family are targeted by burglars.

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