Build your own insect hotel - building instructions

Insect house for beneficial insects - building instructions and blueprints

Build your own insect hotel - building instructions: building

Many insects are extremely beneficial to garden owners - such as wild bees. They used to live in hollow tree trunks or rock niches. In the modern garden, on the other hand, they do not necessarily find a suitable shelter for nesting. Therefore we build insect hotels. We have collected the most beautiful blueprints for insect houses.

In addition to the wild bee hotels, there are also instructions for other insect houses, for example. for ladybugs and lacewings. Also for bumblebees and earwigs there are appropriate instructions.

Make insect hotel itself

Even a warm spot on a balcony or terrace can be a suitable location for a small insect hotel. It contributes to the preservation of important and peaceful wild bees as well as other beneficial insects. It's fun to build an insect hotel yourself and it's also a great project to do with children.

We do not need to be afraid of stings, but it is exciting to watch the little, industrious animals. They feed on the blooms of trees, shrubs and flowers in the area.

An insect hotel is also a nice eye-catcher. With a little skill, this task can be mastered. In our example, we opted for an old drawer as the basis. But it can also be anything else. It is easy to build a matching frame from four boards and a back wall. It is only important to provide the wild bees with tube-like cavities with a diameter of 2 - 10 mm (the majority should have 3 - 6 mm).

For the extremely useful ear irons we fill wood wool into small clay pots. In addition, we provide the little crawlers with a variety of material, so they can choose the right suite. When the first holes are closed, we know that the first hotel guests have arrived. But maybe a cocoon is dangling in a sheltered spot first, and butterflies are still feeding in front of the wild bees. We are definitely looking for a sunny wall at least one meter high (lower edge) as a place for the insect hotel.

Material requirement and tool list

Material requirements - build insect hotel

Build your own insect hotel - building instructions: building

  • Old drawer, flea market about 4 €
  • Bamboo sticks, 80 cm each 0.80 euros about 8 €
  • Brick, hardware store about 1 € Tontöpfchen small, 6 pieces about 4 €
  • Wood wool, fir and pine cones, birch log, wooden boards, wire mesh wood glue, screws about 2 €

Total cost about 19 €

Tool list: saw, drill, hammer, sandpaper, sanding block, screwdriver or cordless screwdriver

Step 1: Cut the bamboo

Build your own insect hotel - building instructions: your

The bamboo poles are cut with pruning shears so long that they fit into the depth of the drawer. If they are not completely hollow, you can open the soft middle of a part of the rods with a knitting needle.

2nd step: drill logs many times

Build your own insect hotel - building instructions: insect

With wood drills in the size of 2 to 10 mm diameter, we often drill into the log. Most holes are made with drills that are 3 - 6 mm in diameter. There are more prospects for these sizes.

Step 3: Sample distribution of the insect hotel

Build your own insect hotel - building instructions: insect

Seal the brick on one side with clay

We distribute our material on a trial basis on the existing surface and determine where we want to make which subdivisions. The heavy brick and log should be relatively low down. We measure how long our subdivisions have to be in detail.

Step 4: Seal the brick from the back with clay

Build your own insect hotel - building instructions: hotel

Split insect hotel with boards

Some clay from the garden or from the field we make wet and thus close our brick from behind. This makes it easier for insects to move in. From the front, we will later stuff wood wool, straw, leaves or dry plant parts into the holes. Brick unilaterally with clay seal Insect hotel with boards

5th step: install subdivision

Build your own insect hotel - building instructions: insect

We take the contents out again and install a subdivision of fitted wooden boards. We glue first, then drill through the drawer and the wood and insert as necessary screws. Tip: for all outdoor applications we definitely use waterproof wood glue.

Step 6: Fill Insect Hotel

Build your own insect hotel - building instructions: build

Now we bring the brick and the wood log, the clay pots, the cones, pieces of bark and the bamboo layers in the insect hotel. The clay pots are previously stuffed with wood wool. Especially loose parts of plants and small cones we secure with wire mesh.

Step 8: Attach the roof for the insect hotel and insect hotel

Build your own insect hotel - building instructions: your

Small triangles allow a sloping roof

A roof made of tar paper forms the necessary protection against rain. Since we want to make a pent roof, we need small angles to attach a tarmac based board at the correct angle. We just cut them, screw them to the roof and put everything together on our drawer.

Afterwards the insect hotel has to be fixed so that it can withstand a storm if necessary. In any case, it must be at least 1 m high from the ground (bottom edge) and get a sunny location. Please bring the mounting material to the ground.

Build your own insect hotel - building instructions: building

Hang up insect hotel safely

Small triangles allow a sloping roof insect hotel hang safely

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