Inspiration for a maritime balcony

The maritime style brings a real holiday feeling on the balcony, so it is wonderful to dream of sun, wind and sea. The colors blue and white often dominate the picture in maritime-designed rooms, but there are many more possibilities for decoration to discover. We take you on a trip to the beach - and take care of your inspiration!

Furniture for maritime cosiness

On the beach, most holidaymakers would like one thing in addition to a long swim: Relax. That's why comfortable furniture for lying and chilling is so important when it comes to the maritime design of an outdoor seating. We have these furniture inspirations ready for you:

  • the obligatory beach chair
  • a rod hammock like on a ship
  • a self-made wooden swing bench with rough knitting
  • a foldable beach chair made of wood

The pieces of furniture may like used and rough look, also artificially patinated furnishings fit very well. Untreated wood in combination with coarse fabrics looks rustic, natural hemp ropes serve as furniture decoration or suspension material.

Decorative inspiration for the maritime balcony

Even the decoration must be right to create a wonderful maritime atmosphere. To the colors white and blue may like to add a strong red, as it is used for example on a lighthouse or on a lifebuoy. These decorative articles fit wonderfully:

  • blue and white striped pillowcases
  • Pictures of sea animals and ships
  • ship models
  • Lifebuoy on the wall
  • Miniature lighthouse on the windowsill
  • Driftwood accessories
  • quaint ship's lantern
  • Anchor chain with anchor on the wall
  • Shells and stones in flower boxes
  • weathered wood
  • personal souvenirs from the beach holiday
  • fragrant-fresh balcony curtains
  • Ornamental grasses and beach lilac

Which balcony flooring fits best with the maritime look?

Of course, a Bodebelag in the ship plank decor fits perfectly to the maritime look. Such floors are available both in real wood quality and in WPC, which consists of wood fibers and plastic.

Tips & Tricks

The best inspiration for the maritime design of the balcony is certainly still a beach holiday or a longer cruise. Bring souvenirs home, from the beach sand in the glass to the shell collection, and use them for decoration.

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