Inspiring ideas for staircase design

A staircase is also part of the living room, an attractive design causes a significant improvement in the ambience. The means of design include paints, plasters, windows, lamps, furniture, carpets, coverings, wallpaper and tattoos. It is really funny with an in-house slide, but not everyone has enough space. Our ideas for staircase design can also be realized in smaller rooms.

Staircase design with light accents

Light has always had a very special effect. In addition to the sunlight, the artificial light offers an extensive color spectrum and different levels of brightness, which you can use in your stairwell.

  • Bright «spots» set strong accents in the room.
  • Dimmable lights offer the possibility to change the atmosphere according to your mood.
  • Colored light, for example with LEDs, creates a highly individual ambience.
  • LED strips and LED tubes are very flexible.
  • Uplights and downlights in alternation look really chic.
  • Luminaires with a retro look give the room a special character.

Anyone who also designs their windows with nostalgic or modern paintings also changes the sunlight quality and makes a simple glass pane an optical highlight.

The most beautiful ideas for wall design

The colored staircase design is at the top of the list when it comes to fundamentally improving the spatial effect. Solid wood fiber walls belong more to the past, creativity is in demand. Our ideas:

  • Metallic paint on structure plaster sets noble visual accents
  • Nostalgic wallpapers from the 60s and 70s show courage for color.
  • Glazing technique on glass fiber wallpaper produces interesting color structures.
  • Smooth walls, filled with thick paint or stained plaster, look particularly stylish.
  • Friezes and borders divide large wall surfaces.
  • Glued pilasters and polystyrene capitals look really chic.
  • Evenly applied stencil patterns look very noble.
  • A wooden paneling in parts of the staircase looks comfortable.

Staircase design with simple means

With simple decorative elements, the staircase can already beautify decisively. Our ideas: backlit textiles for the wall, stair runners, cozy sitting area on the pedestal, stepped painting and wall tattoos.

Tips & Tricks

When designing your staircase, be sure to use a consistent style and find the right ideas. So your room will end up having a pleasantly homogeneous look.

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