Installation of basement windows: You should pay attention

If there is an urgent need for more space in the house, the solution to the problems could lie in the underground area of ​​the property. The cellar is the perfect place to realize new living dreams and to create affordable living and working space with little effort. But what are the costs and what are the differences between metal and plastic windows?

When building the basement, the builders are only the limits of physics and the property set, because the basement offers many previously unknown possibilities. The selection of the right basement windows plays a central role in the planning, because their task is the isolation and protection of the lower rooms of the house. Especially because of their location basement windows must therefore have special properties and must, for example, be particularly resistant to breakage and adapted to the situation. In any case, the right basement windows will ensure a significant upgrade not only of the basement area, but of the entire property. Because of the increased floor space is now more space, and thus more options available.

Which materials are used in basement windows?

Usually there are basement windows made of plastic, and basement windows made of metal. The plastic windows are suitable for use in living spaces, while the metal windows are cheaper and should be taken in utility rooms.

Installation of basement windows: You should pay attention: basement

Plastic windows: advantages and disadvantages

Basement windows made of plastic

Basement windows made of plastic

Basement window made of plastic

  • Plastic windows are often used in living rooms.
  • The reason for this is their increased insulating capacity, a feature that ensures lower heating costs and a better climate in the rooms.
  • The costs increase if the window has to be delivered customized in the context of a repair.
  • In contrast to metal windows, they are the much more expensive alternative.
  • Plastic windows are easy to care for and corrosion-free, and they are available with many different functions.
  • The usual turn-tilt function is particularly recommended for basements, as the rooms are so proven to be less susceptible to moisture damage.

Metal windows: advantages and disadvantages

Basement window metal

Basement window metal

Basement window of metal

  • Metal windows for the basement are mainly used in utility rooms.
  • They are not very good at insulation, but much cheaper in price.
  • They are extremely durable and burglar-proof and effectively protect the house and basement to the outside.
  • Metal windows are almost always hot-dip galvanized or powder-coated in Germany and are thus particularly low maintenance.
  • Mostly they are made of steel and are easy to retrofit and replace.

But if you want to insulate your house efficiently, you should not opt ​​for metal windows.

How is the conversion of the cellar with windows?

If you want to plan your cellar as part of a renovation or a new building, you should consider a few basic things in order to achieve quick success. The basement is the underground area of ​​the house, so here are some special criteria to consider. On the one hand, the cellar must be protected from penetrating moisture, on the other hand, if the cellar is used as a living space, the cellar must have special thermal insulation. In utility rooms, a special exhaust air wing should be considered so that the air can circulate well and the moisture remains outside. Especially mildew is an important issue in the design of the basement, because it must be absolutely prevented. A well thought-out ventilation concept is the best foundation here, and the properly placed basement windows are the best and most efficient way to do this.

Why replace the old cellar windows?

Outdated basement windows harbor many risks. From the lack of insulation to the lack of security, old basement windows are a risk factor for every home. Especially the insulation in older windows is reflected directly in the heating costs. This should be countered with a regular exchange, and a regular maintenance of the windows.

What are the costs for installation and windows?

Basically, the cost of basement windows and their installation is a matter between builder and craftsman, but there are quite a few rough guidelines on which you should pick out the offer.

  • The cost of installation is about 40.00 EUR per hour for a professional craftsman.
  • The cost of a plastic window is between 70.00 EUR and 160.00 EUR, depending on the model and size.
  • The cost of a metal window is between 80,00 EUR and 100,00 EUR, depending on model and size.

A fitting is worthwhile!

Basement windows are a sensible investment for the future. On the one hand, they enhance the house and increase the available space. On the other hand, they simply make the cellar a little nicer and brighter. Also, a renovation, or a change of the previous cellar windows is a worthwhile affair, because so the security and isolation of the basement can be increased many times.

Tips & Tricks

In addition to the sealing of water, a cellar window must also have a thermal insulation, so that the cellar does not cool down in the winter and carries over the basement ceiling, the cold in the apartment.

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