The installation of a concrete fence in the modular system

The installation of a concrete fence is more like setting a normal fence than building a stone wall. In most construction systems, posts are placed on point foundations and the fence leaves are inserted, hung or bolted to the posts. Strip foundations along the entire fence are rarer.

Mostly a crane required

A concrete fence is actually closer to a standard fence than a wall. The main difference is the material and prefabrication of the fence leaves. Concrete fences are modular systems that can be assembled in a short time.

In addition to the fence sections "filled" post gaps there are fence elements that have the post or laterally already integrated pin. The elements are completely set, which means a greater amount of heavy construction equipment.

Most systems and fence leaf decorations can be combined in any combination, so that the assembly itself always remains the same. The customer can combine the posts of his choice with the leaves of his choice and, for example, choose alternate decors. Matching door and gate elements complete the concrete fence systems.

How to assemble a concrete fence

  • fence posts
  • fence leaves
  • concrete
  • water
  • Spade / shovel
  • guide
  • Folding rule or tape measure
  • Pry tool like a crowbar
  • spirit level
  • wooden wedges

1. measuring

Start at a fence corner and mark the positions of the posts. Stretch along the course of the fence a guideline in about twenty centimeters height.

2. Excavation

Lift out the square foundation holes that are fifty centimeters long and at least eight inches deep. Dig the entire fence along a ten-centimeter deep gutter.

3. Concrete the post

Place the first post in the hole and compensate for any height deviations with gravel on the pit floor. Fill the foundation hole around the post with mixed concrete. Align the fence post exactly vertically with the spirit level.

4. Insert fence sheet

Attach the first fence leaf to the post according to the fence system.

5. Set up follow-up posts

Proceed post by post according to the consistent principle. For possible height compensation, feed the fence leaves with wooden wedges.

Tips & Tricks

The lower corners of the fence should be left on the post cement, so that a sagging is impossible. If necessary, you can increase the stability with some concrete blobs in the gutter.

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