How to install the corner bath

For the installation of a corner bath, the following materials and tools are required:

  • Putty for the floor
  • Corner bath, possibly with tub feet
  • when profile
  • Fittings, if it is a new installation
  • siphon
  • Silicone for the joints
  • finished bath paneling, optionally Ytong bricks and tiles with mortar and grout
  • spirit level
  • helping hands for correct alignment of the corner bathtub

This is how it works:

First, the floor must be prepared. With the putty unevenness and holes are removed and straightened to have the most even, even footprint for the corner bath. The putty must harden sufficiently, in this case pay attention to the manufacturer's instructions. Meanwhile, the feet of the corner bath can already be prepared. They are usually attached and aligned with the help of supplied adhesive tape to the tub. If you want another substructure, you can adapt a prefabricated hard foam underlay and provide it with the appropriate holes for the drains. The Hartschaumunterlange is then connected with special adhesive firmly to the bathroom floor, to prevent later slippage of the tub. Also, the drains can now be prepared to prepare the corner bath.

To avoid a sound transmission of the tub on the walls, it is recommended to provide the corner bath with tub profile. Once the preparations have been completed, the tub can already be lifted into place. Helping hands are an advantage here, since it is very difficult to carry them out on their own with such a large object. If bath feet are used, they can be individually adjusted by hand after laying the bath until the bath is absolutely level. Once the tub is properly aligned in its substructure, drains can be installed.

Now the ready-ordered outer lining is attached. If this was not desired, alternatively a classic tiling can be pulled up. For this, the Ytong stones and the tiles are used. After the tub lining has dried, the joints can be closed with jointing silicone. Have fun in the new corner bath!

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