The installation of a floor-level shower - simply explained

Required material:

  • Demolition tool (rotary hammer, chisel, flex)
  • mortar
  • floor drain
  • Bitumen painting, brush
  • Tiles for wall and floor
  • Tile adhesive, grout
  • Jointing silicone, sanitary sealant

Step 1

To install a floor-level shower in your bathroom, you must first remove the old structures. If the new shower is to be in the same place as the old shower, the water connections and drain do not need to be laid. When demolishing the old shower tray, however, you must take special care not to damage the water pipes. At the same time as the demolition, however, you can directly create a slope of about 2 centimeters towards the bottom. This is important in order to drain the shower water optimally. Alternatively, to achieve a beautiful look, you can lift the entire tile mirror about 1.5 to 2 centimeters away from the shower

step 2

After the demolition work walls and floor must be repainted if necessary. Deep holes and cracks are filled with mortar, small irregularities are filled. After drying, apply the bitumen paint. This is essential to protect the walls from penetrating moisture. Apply the bitumen paint carefully and in several layers to the floor, around the floor and on the wall up to a height of about 15 centimeters.

The installation of a floor-level shower - simply explained: installation

step 3

When installing a floor-level shower, you should take into account that too little or no slope can cause severe water damage. In the third step, first lay the floor tiles. In doing so, you must absolutely adhere to the previously created gradient. The inclination is barely perceptible when using the shower, but ensures optimal drainage. After the floor tiles, lay the wall tiles. These are on the floor tiles. So no water accumulates in the lower wall area. The lowest joint is filled with sanitary sealant or jointing silicone. Grout the remaining joints with grout. So you have your floor-level shower installed!

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