Assembly of a Vorbaurolladen

Often, the decision in favor of blinds falls only significantly after the construction period. In particular, it is then possible to use front or front roller blinds for retrofitting. Afterwards you will receive assembly instructions as well as valuable tips on pre-construction roller blinds.

The reasons to install blinds far after the completion of a building are manifold.

  • Purchase of existing or old buildings without blinds
  • Planning and construction initially without blinds
  • Heat and sound insulation measures

Advantages of Vorbaurolläden

It may sound a bit strange at first, but just Vorbaurolläden are ideal for insulation. In general, these shutters are characterized by numerous benefits.

  • Heat and cold insulation protection
  • soundproofing
  • increased burglary protection
  • Installation without major structural changes

Special features compared to construction roller shutters

In contrast to tower or body roller shutters, the roller shutter box is mounted externally in the case of intentional or prefabricated roller shutters (in the case of body roller shutters, the lid or the inspection flap of the roller shutter box is located inside).

Neutralize disadvantages with Vorbaurolläden

Due to the design make-up roller blinds therefore represent a significant weakness in the house insulation. Thermal bridges are among them. However, you should also pay attention to a heat-insulating assembly at Vorbaurolläden. Electrically powered front roller shutters (with tubular motor in the roller shutter box - not with electric belt winder!) Help save energy again.

Save energy with front-end systems

Due to the resulting thermal bridge in the wall opening for the belt escapes a lot of heat. Depending on the opening, ie for each individual shutter, this can amount to up to 40 liters of heating oil per year. However, if you already equip your Vorbaurolladen with a tubular motor during assembly, you only need to install a power supply and possibly a control cable.

Assembly of pre-construction roller shutters

The front roller shutter itself can be mounted differently.

  • between the window reveal on the window frame
  • above the window on the soffit or on the facade

However, the mounting of the Vorbaurolladen on the window frame may cause the window area is slightly reduced. In addition, outwardly swivelable or partially tiltable windows could no longer be opened accordingly.

Step-by-step instructions for mounting a front roller shutter

  • Attachment shutters (system including all components)
  • if necessary, material for the belt feedthrough
  • possibly material for electrical installation (power and control)
  • drilling machine
  • masonry drill
  • metal drill
  • spirit level
  • Meterstab
  • possibly guideline
  • Maurer pencil
  • ladder

1. Preparatory work

First, you have to take the dimensions for the width and possible height of the roller shutter box, as well as the complete window height. Depending on the installation, differentiate between niche height including roller shutter box (installation on the window frame) or plus the roller shutter box (installation above the window).

Always measure on both sides. If the guide rails are mounted in the side window reveal, subtract 50 mm from the total width. On the other hand, if you want to mount the guide rails on the outside of the soffit, add 110 mm. Measure the width of the window niche in three places (bottom, middle, top), especially for old and existing buildings.

The dimensions for the belt feedthrough must be taken from the installation instructions of the roller shutter manufacturer.

2. Assembly roller shutter box and guide rails

Make sure the roller shutter box is in the water. The guide rails must be vertical in the water. However, if the window niches (side reveals) are crooked, it is advisable to mount them on the soffit on the front (façade), because here you can conceal deviations. Otherwise, there is always the risk that the shutter will jam quickly later.

Now mark the holes of the roller shutter box as well as the guide rails. For rails, depending on the manufacturer, you may need to drill the mounting holes yourself. Pay attention to the use of a metal drill (with metal rails).

3. Mounting accessories

If you need to hang the roller shutter yourself, please follow the instructions of the roller shutter manufacturer. Beforehand, however, it is recommended to mount either the belt or the tubular motor.

When using a belt system then the belt guide, the guide cover and the winding box (depending on the selected product surface or flush installation) must be installed.

If you have opted for a roller shutter motor, we offer you in the house journal under "shutters drive" of course, another helpful guide.

Tips & Tricks

In the house journal you will find numerous contributions and instructions on all relevant topics for home improvement. For example, build the dormer yourself.

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