The installation of a stainless steel fireplace on the outer wall

The demarcation between a chimney and a chimney is not always precise. Common is the designation fireplace for a mounted on an exterior wall of the house exhaust vent made of stainless steel, which is connected by a wall opening with the fireplace or the burner.

The difference between fireplace and chimney

The term fireplace describes the one hand, the classic open hearth in a building room and on the other hand, a vent for flue gases. Before the development of modern heaters, open and closed hearths were used for heating and cooking. Their "extension" in the form of the flue on the top was and is the actual fireplace. With the advent of modern heating constructions, the simple hole extraction evolved into built-in chimneys known as chimneys.

The design forms today, apart from the open hearths, are referred to as the chimney flue which is attached to the outside wall. They represent a kind of "heritage" that has evolved from the original hole prints. In many cases, a stainless steel fireplace is purposefully mounted for a polluter, such as a chimney or a floor heating. A chimney is usually enclosed in the masonry of the building.

Fireplaces usually have a simple hole extraction

When mounting a stainless steel chimney, a double-walled vent with an insulating interlayer is used. In most cases, it is a simple hole extraction, which is not suitable for all types of heating. A minimum length, a ceramic inner tube and a legally approved feed dispose of the introduced exhaust gases in the normal case by drafts whose traction can be controlled by means of flaps.

The possible partial heat recovery in chimneys through special exhaust gas recirculation devices and multiple connections are usually not possible with a chimney. As with the installation of a stainless steel chimney, precise and binding regulations on the distances to building components such as windows, doors, roof structures and exterior walls apply to the stainless steel chimney.

Tips & Tricks

Check with your chimney sweep for exactly the options you have for exhaust gas discharges. In some cases, a stainless steel chimney on the outside wall can replace an expensive and expensive renovation of a chimney in the masonry.

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