Construction manual for a bottle carrier made of wood

A wooden bottle carrier is nice and practical. With it, two to eight bottles can safely be transported, for example, from the cellar to the place of consumption. The basic construction consists of a rectangular box with handle. In order to give the bottles a secure footing, the box is equipped with divider strips.

basic consideration

In addition to the general durability of the attachment and construction, there is a significant factor in the construction of a bottle carrier. The setting depth for the bottles must ensure that excessive tipping or even falling out of individual bottles is avoided.

The dimensioning should be adapted to the commonly used bottle diameters. For a bottle carrier for six bottles in two parallel rows of three, the inside dimension of the carrying rectangle must be three times the bottle diameter plus twice the inside wall thickness.

Orientation Dimensions

Almost all bottle types that contain drinks up to one liter of content, the bottle diameter range between 51 and 78 centimeters. Larger containers can measure up to 90 centimeters. When deciding which bottle type is used for measure orientation, the drinking habits should be taken into account.

The most universal solution is the standard size of a standard water bottle (0.7 liter) from the reusable system. Its diameter is 79 millimeters, its height 29 centimeters. When the bottle carrier is put on this measure, fit almost all current wine and champagne bottles well into it. A classic long-neck beer bottle with about sixty centimeters wobbles in the bottle carrier, but is due to their lower height relatively safe from falling.

How to build a wooden bottle carrier

  • wood floor
  • 2 short sidewalls (thickness at least two centimeters)
  • 2 long sidebars (thickness at least two centimeters)
  • 2 short inner bars (thickness 0.5 centimeters)
  • 1 long inner bar (thickness 0.5 cm)
  • Handle bar (diameter at least three centimeters)
  • Wood screws (M6-M8 with long neck)
  • drilling machine
  • Engraving or circular saw
  • Grinder and / or planer
  • Wrench

1. Saw sidewalls

Measure the width of the side parts according to planned dimensioning. Cut the sidewalls upwards in a triangular direction. The bevel must start at the height of the side boards.

2. Mount lower box

Cut the bottom and the long side parts. Place a sidewall on a short bottom side and attach the two longitudinal side boards at right angles to which you mount the other sidewall opposite.

3. Screw connections

Place a hole between the floor and the structure at least every five centimeters. If necessary stabilize the construction with metal angles.

4. Insert the handlebar

Bolt the length-cut handle bar to the side walls in the middle of the upper end triangle on both sides.

5. Insert inner strips

Cut half-length slots five millimeters wide into the inner bars. Insert the transverse strips on the reversed long middle strip.

Tips & Tricks

For additional stability, you can glue all wood joints.

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