Construction manual for a modern LED candle arch

Construction manual for a modern LED candle arch: arch

Although traditional Christmas decoration is still extremely popular, there is a certain trend: Christmas decorations are becoming increasingly minimalistic, The style captivates with its sleek, modern design and attracts attention with its extreme simplicity.

The classic Erzgebirgische Schwibbogen is not excluded. While the famous candle arch, as solid Part of the Erzgebirge Folk ArtImpressed by its filigree sawed figures, patterns and struts, a modern candle arch lends the home a Christmassy sheen in a different way:

Clear shapes and lines, paired with modern elements, like one - thanks to LED technology - gentle illuminated winter landscape, make for a festive and romantic atmosphere.

With this construction manual, we show you how to easily get one build modern LED candle archwho does not come from the Erzgebirge, but is all the more individual.

Construction manual for a modern LED candle arch: construction

tool list

  • screw
  • pencil
  • tape measure
  • drill
  • scroll saw
  • helical mill
  • Engraving device or diamond tipped cutter
  • Hot glue gun

material list

  • 3 mm MDF board à 28 cm x 3 cm
  • 9 mm MDF board à 45 cm x 36 cm
  • 18 mm MDF board à 4 cm x 9 cm
  • 18 mm MDF board à 50 cm x 10 cm
  • Plexiglas plate à 37,5 cm x 19 cm (color: milky / cloudy)
  • LED strip light (length: about 34 centimeters)
  • Acrylic paint (white)
  • Glitter Powder (White)
  • Snow Spray (White)

Preparing construction of lit arch

Construction manual for a modern LED candle arch: arch

Drill three holes in the auxiliary template MDF board

For the construction of an illuminated Schwibbogen first an auxiliary template must be made. Take for it best a medium-density fiberboard (MDF board), which has a height of about 3 mm, and cut it down to the following dimensions: 28 cm x 3 cm.

Then pierce the plate with a screw at a distance of 1.5 cm to the outer edge. Of this Point off now mark two more places in the plate, which are 16 and 22.5 cm from the screw, respectively, and then pierce the wood at the marked locations.

Construction manual for a modern LED candle arch: modern

Draw the Schwibbogen using the auxiliary template

Now take another MDF board, which is about 9 mm high, and cut it to a width of 45 cm and a length of 36 cm.

Now draw at a distance of 4 cm to the lower edge of the long side a dotted line that runs parallel to the edge.

Next, take the auxiliary template and turn the screw looking out of the wood exactly at the center of the dotted line.

This point serves the template as a fixation point: For now is a Pencil first in the first, then in the second, pre-drilled hole stuckto draw two arcs on the plate in circular movements.

Cut and shape candle arch

Construction manual for a modern LED candle arch: arch

Saw the round arch with the elements of the MDF board

Next, the area that is above the Schwibbogens is designed. Draw several elements for it - such as 6 to 8 cm large fir trees - to the upper part of the semicircle.

But it does not necessarily have to be firs: it can also snowmen, Santa Claus or other, Christmas motifs are used - let your creativity run wild! Once the desired figures have been drawn, it is time to cut them out.

The best way to do this is to use a scroll saw, which can easily handle precision cuts. Saw along the Plotted lines of the outer as well as the inner arch and work Be especially careful about the upcoming Christmas motifs.

Tip: If you want to achieve the effect of snow drifts in the later winter landscape, cut along the dotted line undulating, keeping a minimum distance of 2 cm to the bottom edge. In order to get a perfect transition from the sweeping drifts to the bow, it is worth using a handy spiral cutter, as it achieves a visible separation optimally.

Construction manual for a modern LED candle arch: construction

Drawing Christmas motive on the milky-white plexiglass

Put one in the next step milky white plexiglas plate measuring 37.5 cm x 19 cm behind the arches and draw on it both the outline of a winter landscape and the core of the picture.

Alternatively, you can first take a sheet of paper, place it under the arch, draw in the landscape motif and then trace it on the Plexiglas.

When painting the motif you can - as before - be creative and imaginative and, for example, one Winter village with small houses, some trees and a church tower to draw.

Adjust and engrave Plexiglas plate

Construction manual for a modern LED candle arch: construction

Cut out Plexiglas floor plan with a spiral cut

If the picture is painted, the plan must first be cut out.

Take care that under the glass at least one centimeter of space for the LED strip remains and the cloudy material is also sufficiently wide, so that it can be attached to the frame later.

Also suitable for this activity is a spiral milling cutter.

Construction manual for a modern LED candle arch: manual

Engrave the picture with an engraver in the Plexiglas

Now the previously drawn Picture in the center of the Plexiglas plate engraved.

With a special engraver or a Diamond-tipped cutters make it easy to create curved, round, deep and thick elementsso that filigree motifs can be easily incorporated. Then take a hot glue gun and fix the Plexiglas on the frame.

Construct and attach support elements

Construction manual for a modern LED candle arch: modern

Make the support elements with a scroll saw

So that Christmas decoration can stand on stable legs, in the next step, the columns are constructed. You need a piece of 1.8 cm high MDF board that is 4 cm long and 9 cm wide.

Cut it diagonally, again using a scroll saw at best, so that you now have two triangles that will stabilize the candle arch.

Construction manual for a modern LED candle arch: candle

Apply glue to the edgy sides of the triangles

Now you just have to do that Hot glue on the edged, straight sides or on each one catheter of the right triangles apply.

Then push the triangles upright at right angles to both lower parts of the arch so that it can stand upright.

Fix round arch on base plate

Construction manual for a modern LED candle arch: candle

Bond the arch construction to the floor slab

Next, the bottom plate of the modern wooden construction must be made.

This requires an MDF board again. Cut that Wood fiber element, which also have a height of at least 1.8 cm should be up to a width of 50 cm as well as to a length of 10 cm too. Now position the sheet so that it is centered on the plate.

Construction manual for a modern LED candle arch: candle

Center the LED strip below the plexiglass

Then use a pen to mark the places where the arch and floor are brought together. Now wear with the Hot glue gun glue on the appropriate place of the bottom plate and then glue both elements together.

Once the arch is firmly glued and stable, take a nearly 34 cm long LED strip light and align it below the plexiglass center.

Finish modern LED candle arch

Construction manual for a modern LED candle arch: arch

Completed, modern LED bow in silver-white

Regarding the LED lighting you have different options: you can Freely decide if you want a self-adhesive LED strip light take or a copy that does not stick.

The latter has the advantage of being that Light band can change easilyunless you stick it together. This is recommended because it can happen that the light breaks down or you simply opt for a different lighting.

Finally, you can also choose between different colors and so on create a more individual atmosphere.

As a last step, the LED candle arch gets the right coat of paint: For a Christmas look, it is recommended that Decorative element to paint white and with silver glitter powder as well as to decorate with white snow spray.

This illustrated construction manual was created with the kind support of Dremel.

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