Instructions: set your own window

Instructions: set your own window: instructions

Windows are at the interface between the interior and the outside world and are there exposed to high loads: It is cool and humid outside, warm inside, or inside the air conditioner, while in the open air there is midsummer heat. For this purpose, a number of windows are often opened and closed, sometimes left for hours in a tilted position.

It is no wonder, then, after many years of perfect function, that the mechanics have to be reviewed and adjusted. When the time came, you realize at different signs.

In many cases you can by simple handles to restore the correct function.

Five signs of a necessary adjustment of the windows

Instructions: set your own window: frame

This is already noticeable during the visual inspection: If the handle can not be completely brought to rest when closing, the pressure can be set too tight.
  1. The window drags when opening and closing on the frame.
  2. To open or close it needs one strong jerk.
  3. Little tricks as the slight lifting or pushing down are needed to move.
  4. The window handle depends on the opening state not exactly vertical or horizontally.
  5. The window do not close more completely.

Material and tools

  • Acid and resin-free lubricant such as silicone spray or creep oil
  • Allen key and / or
  • Phillips screwdrivers and / or
  • Wrench

Visual inspection of the window and preparations

Instructions: set your own window: your

All moving parts should be treated with a suitable lubricant. Some problems are already solved by this.

First, inspect the fittings and other moving parts of a visual inspection: Are Fittings or joints knocked out or torn, they have to be exchanged. Bent rails can sometimes be straightened. Both are more a matter of the professional or the very experienced handyman.

However, you can usually fix bare misalignments yourself.

Before you go to work, Oil the joints, screw connections and moving parts of the window mechanism. Some problems you can already get out of the world, and with a pending adjustment so everything can move better.

Instructions: set your own window: frame

By adjusting the height, a diagonal position of the sash can be corrected at the lower corner bearing.

Then get one Overview of the different adjustment screws. Are Allen screws used here? Or are they Phillips or hexagon screws? Then you should always have the right tool ready.

Then take a step back and Check if the window is currently in the frame. If this is not immediately obvious, open it slightly and move the finger between the sash and frame with your finger. Additional evidence of misalignment may be marks on the metal of the hardware or the wing and frame material.

Adjust the height of the window sash

Instructions: set your own window: frame

The counterpart is the scissor bearing at the top of the wing. Here is rarely a setting necessary.

Did you notice that the wing hangs to one side, so sitting slightly diagonally in the frame, you can adjust the height. This usually happens at the bottom corner bearing. There you may need to remove a plastic cover to reach the adjustment screws.

A downer here: Since the different window and fitting manufacturers here also use different constructions, you must by trial and error find out which screws are responsible. Do not use force and always adjust the screw slightly, to try out the effect.

In general: If the window hangs on the stop side, ie on the side where the sash is connected to the frame, then the sash must be raised in the corner bearing. If, on the other hand, it hangs up to the opening side, it must be lowered in the corner storage.

Although you can set the diagonal in the scissor bearing on top of the wing, so where the holding arm attaches to the tilting position of the window, but that's usually only during the first adjustment necessary after installation.

Adjust window sideways

Instructions: set your own window: window

For the lateral adjustment of the sash you must also adjust the upper scissor bearing in the rule. Here is a recording in the tilted state.

Sand the window when closing on the side of the frame or bumps against it, you can bring it back to a central position. For this you usually have to start at both the corner bearing and the shear bearing.

To the wing to move towards the stop side, it is lowered evenly down and lifted up. If you want to move it in the direction of the opening side, it is logically lowered above and lifted down.

Also, be careful here and check the success again and again Try it out - otherwise the wing will quickly start unintentionally on the other side.

Set the pressure of the window sash

If the sash does not close tightly or wiggles when closed, then you can increase the pressure. This happens at the locking pin - small cylindrical pin on the opening side of the wing, which engage in corresponding bearings on the frame.

Instructions: set your own window: window

Here is the counterpart to the frame, in which the locking pin engages.

Instructions: set your own window: frame

The locking pin on the window sash is responsible for the pressure of the closed window.

These pins are mounted eccentrically. This means: Turn it to the frame or away from it. If you turn them a little away from the frame or from the outside of the window, they pull the wing closer to the frame when closing and pressing the handle. Depending on the pin, you may need an Allen key, a Phillips screwdriver or, in some cases, a flat-head screwdriver.

Adjust the pin slightly and then try to see if the problem is resolved. If you set the pin too tight, the mechanism is heavily loaded when closing and can wear out prematurely. The window must close tightly, without using much force when operating the handle.

Instructions: set your own window: your

Mushroom pins can be found on burglar-resistant windows. By turning in or out, you can also adjust how deep they reach into their counterpart on the frame.

Instructions: set your own window: your

The locking pin is mounted eccentrically. By turning to the left or right you can adjust the pressure of the window when closing.

Also take care that Depending on the size of the windows, they have several locking pins, sometimes additional on the top of the window. A special feature are so-called mushroom-head pegs, which can be found especially in burglar-resistant windows. With them, it may happen that they can not properly grasp their counter-bearings after the side adjustment of the sash - then you can screw them further in or out.

Tip: window seal

Sometimes windows do not close properly, because the Gasket between wing and frame worn or damaged is. It can be easily renewed if it is glued only in the fold of the wing. However, it is important to use a gasket that matches the width, thickness and profile as exactly as possible with the existing one. Otherwise, the window can not close properly or become more leaky than before. Take a close look and shoot, for example, a photo with the phone that you take with you to buy the replacement seal.

sealing tapes There are also third-party manufacturers. They are mainly intended for sealing joints in old, draughty windows. Of course, such bands can also be used. First of all, you should try to get original seals from the window manufacturer. In the process, the operation that installed the windows may help you.

Instructions: set your own window: window

If no more seals are available, you can also use universal sealing bands. They are offered in different widths and profiles.

Instructions: set your own window: your

Glued gaskets are easy to renew. The replacement should be as similar as possible to the original in terms of material, width, profile and thickness.

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