Instructions - Plexiglas bend

Instructions - Plexiglas bend: bend

material list
  • acrylic glass
  • Heat resistant gloves

For the Plexiglas shell

  • oven
  • baking paper
  • Mason jar or tin

For the 90 degree angle

  • heat gun
  • 2 screw clamps
  • 1 - 2 wooden boards

If you want to bend Plexiglas, all you need is a heater, which most people already have at home. For the molding of acrylic glass is not necessarily a special bending machine with heating wire needed. The domestic oven or a hot air blower also serve well.

All that matters is the right temperature. Bending the Plexiglas, before it has been heated enough, creates unsightly cracks in the material. If the heat is too high, bubbles form and the plastic begins to liquefy.

In our first tutorial, we show you how to bend a plexiglass plate with a hot air blower at a 90 degree angle. In the second part, acrylic glass is used to form an art glass bowl using the oven. If the plate has to be cut first, here's how to cut the plexiglass.

Instructions 1: Bend Plexiglas with the hot air gun

Step 1: Fasten the art glass plate

Peel off the protective foil on one side of the plexiglass plate. Lay the plate on the table, the side without foil points upwards. Place the acrylic glass with the crease line parallel over the edge of the table and cover it with a wooden board. Fix with a screw clamp on each side.

Instructions - Plexiglas bend: Plexiglas

That's all it takes to bend Plexiglas.

Instructions - Plexiglas bend: glass

Fix the plate with clamps and a board at the table.

Step 2: Heat Plexiglas and bend

Let the hot air blower êtwas warm up so that it reaches a uniform temperature. Blow evenly about 5 - 10 cm apart. The thicker the plate, the more heat is needed. If the Plexiglas does not bend down after a few minutes, increase the temperature of the hot air blower. As soon as the plastic softens, the plate slowly sinks. Blow-dry until the desired bending radius is reached.

With the oven gloves or the second board as a bending aid you can correct the bend as long as the acrylic glass is hot. Set the hot air dryer to cold and cool before it is issued.

Instructions - Plexiglas bend: bend

Heat until the acrylic glass reaches the desired angle.

Instructions - Plexiglas bend: glass

Heat Plexiglas at a distance of 5 - 10 cm with the hot air device.

Step 3: Let the plexiglass cool down

Once the Plexiglas is no longer heated, it is only briefly malleable. During the cooling time, however, the Plexiglas should still be held at the desired angle or supported with the board. Then loosen screw clamps and peel off the protective foil from the other side.

If the edges of the Plexiglas are frayed by cutting, you can then smooth them with files and sandpaper. The curved acrylic later serves as a transparent bookend.

Instructions - Plexiglas bend: instructions

The curved plexiglass plate serves as a bookend.

Instructions - Plexiglas bend: instructions

After cooling, peel off the foil on the back.

Instructions 2: Plexiglas bending in the oven

Step 1: Heat the acrylic glass in the oven

In the oven, only acrylic sheets can be formed, which also fit easily into it. If you want to process very large or many plates, you can have Plexiglas bent or it is worth buying a professional tool.

For small DIY projects with the glass replacement, however, the stove is completely sufficient. How to bend Plexiglas in the oven, we show you the example of a decorative bowl.

For a 3 - 4 mm thick acrylic glass plate in the dimensions 30 x 30 cm is best. Preheat the oven180 degrees in front. Place the baking paper on the tin and place the jar on top. Pull theProtective film from both sides of the plate, Place the Plexiglas plate in the middle of the glass and push the baking tray into the oven. How long the plexiglass must remain in the oven depends on the thickness of the plate. A rule of thumb,each 1mm thickness about 1 minute heat.

Instructions - Plexiglas bend: glass

Put Plexiglas on the glass and heat in the oven.

Instructions - Plexiglas bend: glass

Remove the protective foil from both sides of the plate.

Step 2: Form Plexiglas

When the plate has lowered sufficiently, remove the plate from the oven. Leave the acrylic glass on the preserving jar and quickly bend the sides of the bowl with the heat-resistant gloves.

The material cools quickly and can then no longer be deformed.

Instructions - Plexiglas bend: Plexiglas

Put Plexiglas on the glass and heat in the oven.

Instructions - Plexiglas bend: bend

The edges of the shell with the oven gloves form as long as the material is hot.

Step 3: Let the acrylic glass tray cool down

As long as the art glass is not completely cooled, leave it on the vessel. Unclean edges can then be smoothed with a file and sandpaper. With self-made gripping and bending aids, other shapes are no problem.

So there is only one thing to do: be creative, turn on the oven and plexiglass!

Instructions - Plexiglas bend: bend

Smooth edges of Plexiglas dish with file and sandpaper.

Instructions - Plexiglas bend: glass

To cool, leave the Plexiglas on the mold.

Author: Yvonne Bräunig

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  • all pictures: Yvonne Bräunig

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