Instructions: Make Christmas star out of clothespins

Instructions: Make Christmas star out of clothespins: star

Poinsettias let out different materials in all to form and sizes fold and tinker. An original idea are stars made of wooden clothespins. These can be easily copied and then decorated as desired. In this way you design individual poinsettias as window decorations or as decorations for the Christmas tree.

Craft this illustrated step-by-step guide Basic model for a poinsettia made of woodYou can decorate or decorate with glitter, silver foil and gold foil. Based on this basic manual, you can make different stars out of wooden clothespins.

Material list for Christmas stars from clothespins

  • Wooden clothes pegs (8 staples per star depending on size)
  • Tape for hanging
  • Hot glue and hot glue gun

Preheat hot glue

In the first step, the hot glue must preheat. Depending on the manufacturer, this takes between 8 and 10 minutes. The final strength depends on the height of the temperature. The hotter the glue gets, the more grip it offers.

Instructions: Make Christmas star out of clothespins

Instructions: Make Christmas star out of clothespins: clothespins

From clothespins, the poinsettia is shaped.

Then the tinkering of the wooden Christmas star begins: For this you remove the metal wire from each clip and form the poinsettia from the wooden parts. The number of brackets needed depends on the shape and the size you want. Each spike is made of two pieces of wood, as a clothespin. In this tutorial we made a star out of 8 clothespins.

Fix wooden parts with hot glue

Instructions: Make Christmas star out of clothespins: instructions

First, stick the prongs firmly.

Now a thick thread is placed between the two upper clamp parts and fixed with hot glue. In the next step you stick together each point of the star in succession.

Glue the star together

Instructions: Make Christmas star out of clothespins: clothespins

Finally, the wooden star is assembled.

Finally, apply the hot glue on the tip of the individual points and press them firmly together. Once the hot glue has fully cured, the poinsettia can be hung from wood.

In this way, you build different stars, for example, as a tree ornament with 5 points or a 20-pointed star as a large window image.

Tips for decorating wood stars

If these stars are too colorless, they simply paint the clothespins in the desired color, cover them with silver or gold foil or decorate them with glitter. For a glittering ice crystal, the wood star is painted white or light blue. After drying, brush it with a thin layer of liquid glue and sprinkle glitter over it.

Instructions: Make Christmas star out of clothespins: make

Courtesy of Bosch.

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