Building instructions for a wooden shed door

On a Schuppentür usually no greater claim is made, as it closes a usable space wind and weatherproof. The simplest and cheapest variant is a wooden door. Simple formwork boards are enough. The self-explanatory construction manual shows how little effort and expense a stable door creates.

Swing door with hinges

If you want to build a door yourself, you have a grateful task that you can do quickly with a simple wooden door. Normally, a shed door does not have to provide extensive protection against burglary or cold. The advantage even on simple and very inexpensive wood is the sufficiently handsome optical appearance, which can be improved by short planing or brushing.

A shing door is designed as a swing door and in the majority of cases it is fixed with two hinges. A separate insulation of the door is usually not required, but can be easily implemented by applying insulation boards, for example made of polystyrene.

The simple design of a shingled door makes it possible to break the door in the middle and to design it like a stable door. When you build yourself the so-called Klöntür two additional hinges must be planned.

How to build a wooden shed door

  • Planks or strips with dimensions: Door height plus 5 cm x 8-15 cm x approx. 2 cm (LxWxH)
  • Two transverse strips with the dimensions: Door width plus 5 cm x 10-20 cm x 2 cm (LxWxH)
  • A diagonal strip: Length according to measurement result, width and height like transverse strips
  • Two hinges
  • deadbolt
  • (Hand) kreissäge
  • Hammer or cordless screwdriver
  • Screws or nails
  • Two bucks
  • clamps
  • Possibly planer

1. Cut boards

Sort the nicer board sides down and lay out boards in parallel on two wooden blocks in the doorway. Lay the two transverse strips at a distance of about 30 centimeters from the upper and lower door edge and fix the position with screw clamps.

2. Assemble the door leaf

Screw or nail the individual boards with at least two screws or nails each. Pay attention to the appropriate length so that the nail or screw heads do not escape.

3. Fit the diagonal reinforcement

After stopping and marking, cut the diagonal strip on both sides onto the necessary miter and fasten it like the crossbars.

4. Screw on the door hinges

Turn the door over and unscrew the hinges at the level of the transverse strips.

Tips & Tricks

A simple locking device such as a crossbar is best attached to the already mounted door.

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