Building instructions for a wardrobe

  • Building instructions for wardrobes and ideas for wardrobe design

    Building instructions for wardrobes and ideas for wardrobe design

    Building instructions for a wardrobe: wardrobe

    Wardrobes belong in every apartment: in them shirts can be hung up and sweaters folded on boards. Thanks to individual structural features, you bring order to your clothing collection and keep track of everything at all times.

    Rely on individual wardrobe models and be inspired by the following building instructions. In addition, we give tips on how to decorate boring wardrobe fronts stylish, so that the piece of furniture is an absolute eye-catcher in the room.

    Build wardrobe

    Building instructions for a wardrobe: rack

    tool list

    • pencil
    • ruler
    • Cordless Screwdriver
    • spirit level
    • impact drill
    • sinker
    • Wood drills 5, 6 and 7 mm
    • Stone drill 8 mm
    • Side cutter or pincers
    • paint roller
    • spatula
    • ladder
    • Slotted screwdriver large
    • Schleifkork
    • 180s and 240s sandpaper

    Building instructions for a wardrobe: rack

    Building instructions for a wardrobe: rack

    material list

    • Blockboard, 22 mm, 1,000 x 600 mm (1)
    • MDF board, 19 mm
    • Aperture: 1,000 x 100 mm, 1 piece (2)
    • Shoe rack: 1.000 x 300 mm, 2 pieces (3)
    • Rear wall shoe rack: 1.000 x 150 mm, 1 piece (4)
    • Side part shoe rack: 150 x 150 mm, 2 pieces (5)
    • Spruce pine, 44 x 44 mm, 1,000 mm, 2 pieces (6)
    • Cupboard tube bearing incl. Screws, 1 pair (7)
    • Cupboard tube oval, 90 cm, 1 piece (8)
    • Eyebolt incl. Nut, M6 x 30, 2 pieces (9)
    • Washers large, 2 pieces for M6 (10)
    • Slotted screw hook, 2 pieces (11)
    • Galvanized steel wire rope, 3 mm, 600 mm, 2 pieces (12)
    • Wire rope clamps for 3 mm, 4 pieces (13)
    • Screw hooks, 30 x 2 mm, 2 pieces (suspension roller blind) (14)
    • Phillips screws, 4 x 40 mm, 27 pieces
    • Phillips screws, 5 x 90 mm, 6 pieces
    • Phillips screws, 5 x 70 mm, 2 pieces
    • Dowels, S8, 8 pieces
    • Genius PRO 2in1 color varnish, white, 750 ml
    • putty
    • wood glue
    • Bamboo blind, 1,000 x 1,600 mm

    Building instructions for a wardrobe: wardrobe

    Building Instructions Wardrobe: That's how it's done

    1, Have all slabs and strips cut into the toom BauMarkt.

    2, For later wall mounting, first drill two 6 mm holes in the rear wall plate (4) of the shoe rack. Now screw the upper and lower plates (3) to the rear wall. Use 4 x 40mm screws and apply glue at the joints. In order to paint the parts easily, the side parts (5) are screwed in later.

    Building instructions for a wardrobe: instructions

    3, In the same way, attach the panel (2) to the top shelf (1).

    Building instructions for a wardrobe: wardrobe

    4, Now drill all required holes in the topsoil (1). To mark the holes (A) for the cupboard tube holders, put them on the ends of the cabinet tube and align it exactly in the middle of the bottom. Drill holes B and C as shown in the drawing.

    5, In the square timbers (6) drill three 5 mm holes for later assembly.

    Building instructions for a wardrobe: building

    6, With 180-grit paper you now round off all edges and smooth all surfaces smooth. Now free everything from the dust and prime all parts.

    Building instructions for a wardrobe: building

    7, As the parts dry, trim the wire ropes. The final length of the entire suspension is 610 mm. In order to determine the length of the wire rope, turn the cable tensioner halfway apart and now remove its length from 610 mm. Then calculate 60 mm at each end - this results in the loop. For example: 610 mm - 130 mm (length of the cable tensioner) = 480 mm + 2x 60 mm (length of the loops) = 600 mm. Shorten the wire rope with the side cutter or the pliers and screw the loops at the ends together with the rope clamps. Pull a loop directly through the eye of the cable tensioner!

    Building instructions for a wardrobe: building

    8. When all primed parts have dried and sanded down with 240 grit sandpaper, you can paint everything.

    9, After drying, screw the side pieces (5) into the shoe rack.

    Building instructions for a wardrobe: building

    10. Now screw on the cupboard tube holders, fasten the eyebolts with nut and washer and screw in the hooks for the shade (the dimensions should be removed from the hangers of the shade).

    Building instructions for a wardrobe: building

    11, Now determine the height of the shoe rack and draw the bottom edge with a spirit level on the wall. Directly under this line, secure the square timber (6) to the wall with dowels and the 5 x 90 mm screws. Then place the shelf with the trailing edge on this ledge and then attach the shoe rack to the wall through the back with the 5 x 70's screws.

    12, The length of the roller blind now determines the height of the upper floor, so measure this length and then draw the lower edge of the floor with a spirit level on the wall. Now attach the antik wood (6) back to the lower edge of the line.

    13, Measure now 471 mm from the bar vertically upwards and 50 mm inwards offset the position of the wall hooks and screw them with dowels in the wall.

    14, Now you can put the top floor on the back of the square timber (6) and hang the wire ropes in the wall hooks. Now fix the floor with two screws in the square timber and align it using the rope tensioner and a spirit level. Then you just need to hang the roller blind - and you can now give your new cabinet!

    TIP: You can of course also omit the clothes rail and the shoe rack and instead place a shelf behind the roller blind. If you build several parts side by side, simply connect the side parts of the shoe rack with 4 x 30 screws and the top floors by screwing in a tab. If you would rather have a sliding door or a curtain instead of the roller blind, simply find out in your toom BauMarkt.

    Building instructions for a wardrobe: instructions

    Courtesy of

    Repair wood surfaces

    Building instructions for a wardrobe: instructions

    White cabinet: fieryn /

    Old wardrobes are characterized by stability, longevity and robust materials. Many would like to keep the old wardrobes, but the old design has long gone out of fashion. With small tips and tricks, old wardrobes shine in new splendor.

    Removals or daily stress can leave a mark on the wardrobe. Usually the surfaces are damaged in old wardrobes. Wooden wardrobes are easy to repair. For minor damage already sufficient for a treatment with Holzkitt.

    For wardrobes with veneered surfaces, the work is a bit more complicated, because these damages are usually slight and deeper scratches. For minimal damage, a polish with wood oil or a special furniture tincture is recommended.

    If the cabinet has a lacquered surface, you will need to embellish the wardrobe with nitro thixer or acetone. Using these fluids, the paint is thinned and can be carefully brushed over the damaged areas with a thin brush. This work requires tact, because the paint should be distributed only in the area of ​​damage. The thinner the brush, the more carefully you can work.

    After treatment, the area must be allowed to dry for at least 24 hours in order to achieve a perfect result.

    Pick up the wardrobe

    By repainting the wardrobe immediately shines in new splendor. Most cabinets are treated with lacquer, oils or resins. The colors fade over the years and the surfaces become unsightly. As only a treatment with Abbeize helps. This is how old wardrobes get their natural wood structures back. Abbeize leads every hardware store in the assortment. Mostly it is already ready to use and can be applied directly to the wood. It is advisable to remove or mask locks and handles before pickling.

    The Abbeize must beautify the wardrobe for a few hours. Then paints and oils can be easily removed with a spatula. It should be done a deep cleaning with hot water. Depending on the contamination, some vinegar may be added to the water. Cleaning products are not recommended because they contain bleach. After cleaning, the wardrobe can be renewed as desired. Should it remain natural, a treatment with wood wax is sufficient. The cabinet can be painted in any color. There are also films available from specialist retailers. These are easily applied and create a new home for dresses, T-shirts or tops in no time!

    Rebuild old wardrobes

    Normal old wardrobes are built according to the same principles. They include a clothes rail, storage boards and drawers. Modern wardrobes have adapted to the new fashion and designer fashion. They also offer space for bags and shoes of all kinds. With a little skill and imagination but also the old wardrobe is a space saver. It can be individually adapted to the garments. For example, if you own many trousers and shirts, you will need many clothes rails. With a surplus of bags or pullovers need more storage boards ago.

    First, the entire interior of the wardrobe should be removed. Boards or poles may eventually be used again. Now the cabinet can be completely redesigned. Storage boards can be cut to size in any hardware store. Clothes rails can also be easily shortened. In furniture stores, you can buy ready-made trouser holders and shoe compartments that can be used to beautify your wardrobe. Thanks to the individual design, every cupboard corner can be used optimally.

    Install new wardrobe doors

    Building instructions for a wardrobe: building

    Mirror cabinet: vicky53 /

    Good wardrobes are durable. They are usually only exchanged because the design is no longer modern. That does not have to be, because the old piece shines in new splendor already by the renewal of the cabinet doors. Hardware stores and furniture stores offer prefabricated doors in various sizes.

    There is also the possibility to allow the doors to be cut to an individual size. The doors have a modern design or are natural and can be designed by yourself. For this you can use paint and brush or adhesive foil. There are also stickers in many shapes and colors, which then spice up the doors.

    When applying foils and adhesives, no air bubbles may occur. Therefore, the film should be smoothed when sticking with a clean cloth. New doors give the wardrobe a fresh, fresh look.

    tip: If you want to cover large areas, the work should be done in pairs, in order to achieve an optimal result without blistering.

    Walk-in wardrobe

    Anyone who has ever been in the US, is fascinated by the walk-in closets. They offer a lot of storage space and can be realized even in small living spaces. An old wardrobe is sufficient as a base. It can be expanded as required, if space is available. Before you expand your old wardrobe, you should use a room planner to redesign the whole room. This makes it easy to see how much space the extended wardrobe can take. There are several expansion options.

    It is best to separate the extended wardrobe with plasterboard or room divider. The old wardrobe is the support for the extension. This can be done by gluing or screwing. Important: The wardrobe must not become unstable due to the extension. Cross struts guarantee the necessary stability and can also be used alternatively as a clothes rail. If the extension is made in height, it must not be heavier than the actual wardrobe. So you can definitely beautify the living with a walk-in closet.

    Decoration and lamps for the wardrobe

    A new decoration changes the wardrobe in an instant. There are a variety of decoration options. For example, old wardrobes can be provided with foil on a running meter or with prefabricated decorative foil. Filming with foil is only suitable for cabinets with smooth surfaces. Smooth surfaces can be equipped with milled angles or decorated corners. These are made of wood, polystyrene or cardboard. Also new handles and buttons give the old wardrobe a whole new design. Handles and knobs can be bought in every furniture store or hardware store in all shapes and colors. If you are less skilled in craftsmanship, you can also use decorative moldings. These are made of different materials and can be easily glued to the cabinet.

    Also by the installation of lamps you can beautify a wardrobe. There are lamps to clip on, which can be individually and simply placed in every corner of the cabinet. Visually even more beautiful built-in halogen boogie throw. These are available as a complete installation kit from specialist retailers. For walk-in or extended wardrobes, you can attach a neon lamp to the floor. It peps up the dark cupboard and provides enough light.

    To the author:

    Author: Harald Muntendorf holds lectures at the Hamburg Media School on online marketing in addition to his role as managing director of the fashion portal. He also advises online shop owners in the fashion industry. In his spare time, he enthusiastically restores old furniture.

    Building instructions for a wardrobe: rack

    Everyone has a wardrobe at home, but the size, color and style of the wardrobe vary. On the one hand there are the classic wardrobes in rectangular form, which are equipped with shelves and a clothes rail.

    There are also walk-in wardrobes, which are particularly suitable for small niches or storerooms to transform into a stately wardrobe. However, the model from the furniture store often does not fit into the home bedroom - because the wardrobe is often too high, too low or not long enough.

    In such cases, you can build the wardrobe yourself and completely adapt to your own needs.

    Even a modern wardrobe can be realized quickly. Tips and suggestions can be found here.

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