Crafting instructions for garlands

Make garlands for different parties and celebrations

Crafting instructions for garlands: German

With garlands you can decorate windows, doors, walls and ceilings. They are versatile and create the ideal ambience for any party. But even in everyday life, they are great decorations that contribute to a cozy home.

If you would like to tailor the decoration perfectly to a season or a specific holiday, you will find a small selection of links to crafting instructions for various forms of garlands on this topic page below.

Whether happy Easter garland, spooky Halloween garland or atmospheric garland for the winter, here you will find the matching garland for almost any occasion.

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Contents for crafting garlands

  • Garlands in spring and at Easter
  • Autumn Garland
  • Halloween garlands
  • Garlands for the winter and Christmas season

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Garlands in spring and at Easter

Easter pennant chain Printable

Crafting instructions for an Easter pennant chain with rabbits and carrot motif. Print template as a free PDF for download.
at Aentschie's Blog

Easter pendant and egg garland

Pendant decoration for the Easter bouquet in the form of an Easter egg garland. Illustrated crafting instructions.
at Mrs. Berry Blog

flower necklace

A crochet pattern for a flower necklace as a necklace or decorative element.

Garland of Easter Bunny

Simple and fast paper cut garland with Easter bunny for coloring. Simply fold the paper several times, record bunnies and cut out.
at CPG Advertising

flower garland

from colored construction paper with six templates as pdf
at Kiki's web

Easter garland

Making Easter garlands with Easter eggs - free artwork included.

Autumn Garland

Autumn garland with berries and pears [PDF]

Autumn garland of evergreen, decorated with pears, berries and bows. A pretty decoration for the mantel, the shelf or the table.
at USA PearsUSA Pears

Sheets of paper garland

crafted from natural cardboard and bast cardboard.

Autumn garlands for windows and doors

Made of construction paper painted in autumn colors and hung on a thin string.

Garland of autumn leaves

The autumn leaves are made of colored construction paper and combined into an autumnal garland.

Garland with leaves of wood

natural-looking decoration for autumn with raffia, branches and wire
at Bastelideen

Decorative String Crafts

Garlands make many occasions: with autumn motifs, for Halloween and gingerbread for Christmas
at Enchanted Learning

Make the leaf chain yourself

Thick brown colored, fragrant garland of many leaves
at Grids Bastelecke

autumn garland

Chestnuts, pine cones, acorns, nuts and beechnuts on winding wire become an autumnal garland
at Grids Bastelecke

Apple Garland For Fall

Autumn garland of sewn apples from scraps of fabric: pictures instructions
at Instructables

Deco for the autumn festival [PDF]

Celebrate an autumn kite festival with the mouse: simple craft instructions for decorations with autumn leaves and chestnuts, dragon-shaped place cards and chestnut animals.
at Klebeberater

Zapf garland

A tutorial for making a garland of big pine cones
at Twig & Thistle

leaves garland

Video tutorial on autumnal garland

Halloween garlands

Halloween garland

scary decoration for Halloween parties

ghost garland

Make a scary ghost garland from a paper accordion. With motif template for tinkering
when tinkering around the year

Garland of bats

Bats from old socks. With cotton wool, pipe cleaner, newspaper

Halloween Candlestick and Pumpkin Garland [PDF]

Instructions for pumpkin garlands and scary candlesticks made of cardboard and polystyrene. Text instruction with pictures.
at UHUSprache: German

Garlands for the winter and Christmas season

Santa Claus

made of square paper and cotton wool.

Chain for the Christmas tree

Garland for the tree. Also suitable for small children
in blind-cow

Decorative String Crafts

Garlands make many occasions: with autumn motifs, for Halloween and gingerbread for Christmas
at Enchanted Learning

Zapf garland

A tutorial for making a garland of big pine cones
at Twig & Thistle

Christmas garland

Print templates for garlands with stars made of gold paper

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