Construction manual for a wine bottle holder made of wood

In general, for the storage of wine bottles, which are closed with natural corks, that the lying position has advantages. The cork is touched by the wine and "lapped". This counteracts drying out and possible shrinkage. A wine bottle holder meets this requirement and makes the bottle hover decorative.

Store in a flat position or plugged in

Corked wine bottles should be stored lying down. The wine keeps the cork damp in this way, which ensures durability especially for longer storage times. The storage can be done by inserting the bottles, for example, in a wine rack made of pallets or a simple stand shelf with horizontal floors.

Alternatively, the wine bottles with the bottleneck can be put into holding holes. The bottom of the bottle rises slightly inclined upwards or lies exactly horizontally. A wine bottle holder for single bottles allows the "floating" bottle by a balanced construction in the form of the letter Z. In the advanced realization of a simple board can be brought to a halt by a precisely balanced processing.

Structurally, this principle can be extended to a bottle holder for several bottles. Important in the self-build a bottle holder is the balanced focus.

How to build a wine bottle holder made of wood

  • Solid wood board (thickness 20 to 25 mm)
  • Possible abrasives
  • jigsaw
  • Miter Saw
  • Saw with table whose angle can be adjusted
  • Drill with wood drill attachment

1. Zusägen

Use the jigsaw to saw off a rectangular or, at the top, semi-circular or curved elongated strip from the solid wood board. The width should be at least twenty centimeters. The length is ideally at least three quarters of the length of the wine bottle.

2nd hole

In principle, it is sufficient if you drill or saw a round hole in the upper third of the strip with a diameter of about 35 millimeters.

3. Miter cut

Decisive for the stability of your wine bottle holder is the precise inclination angle of 45 degrees. You have to cut the underside of the wooden strip exactly what you can do with a miter saw or an adjustable saw table.

4. Check stability

Now you can test the balance by a trial inserting a bottle. For safety, an empty bottle is recommended.

Tips & Tricks

If your construction is very shaky, you can either sand down the bevel angle at the bottom end or flatten the bottom edge of the hole.

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