Instructions: Paint the dispersion paint streak-free on the wall!

As wall paint, the well-known emulsion paint is used in most cases, which is available to buy in any hardware store. This is relatively easy to paint, contains no solvents and does not smell as severe as many other colors. However, there are also certain hooks and eyelets in the application, which are to be observed for a decent result.

Buy high quality paint!

The most important tip right at the beginning: Whoever would like to have a properly painted wall after a run, which also later proves to be resistant to abrasion, works best to a high-quality color, which may well be a bit more expensive.

Paint emulsion paint clean: That's the way it works!

  • emulsion paint
  • grates
  • Short pile roll big
  • Short pile reel small
  • big brush
  • possibly stepladder

1. Paint edges first

First, stroke all edges of the wall where you start. Use the brush and sand the scars with the small roller. So you give the wall a framing, which you then fill out.

2. Dip the paint roller and wipe off

Move the surface of your roll with light pressure over the color and remove excess material on the grid.

3. Apply paint to the wall

Now apply the paint on a wall strip about 1 m wide, at first just to bring material to the wall.

4. Paint dispersion paint thoroughly

Now roll out the paint quickly, always from bottom to top and back, even and clean. If the material on the wall is not enough, just paint it. Finish the 1 m wide wall section.

5. Wet in wet

Now add the next wall strip in the same way until the entire wall is finished. Only work wet and wet without taking a break to avoid any problems. Just before the next area you can take a short break.

Tips & Tricks

Does the ceiling also need a new coat of paint? Paint them first before venturing to the walls, as this is the only way to avoid splattering on painted walls.

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