Insulated roof panels insulate temperature and sound

Sheet metal sheet panels have two characteristic properties that are often distracting. On the one hand, impacting precipitation causes loud noises in some cases and, on the other hand, the thermal insulation of non-insulated roofing panels is inadequate.

Single-sided or sheathed insulation layer

The most widely used insulated roof tiles are so-called iso- or sandwich panels, in which an insulating material is encased inside by a sheet metal body. There are also unilaterally coated roof panels whose insulation is open at the bottom.

As the main insulating material of the roof panels, polyurethane insulation, also known as rigid polyurethane foam, is used. For many products, a core made of rock wool is also integrated, which transports the roof panels into the frequently required fire protection class M0. So they are considered incombustible.

Shapes and properties

Most commonly insulated metal roof panels are made and used in trapezoidal form. The static stability of the "kinks" supports the rigidity and bearing capacity of the roof panels including the insulating layer.

  • Rain sounds are reliably and noticeably softened from around 40 mm insulation layer.
  • The commercial strengths of PU rigid foam layers are 35, forty, sixty and eighty millimeters.
  • In heated premises under the roof covered with insulated roofing slabs, heat losses of up to fifty percent can be reduced.
  • The insulated roof panels are also available in wave form and, more rarely, as flat panels.

Provider and price segment

  • produces sandwich panels in trapezoidal sheet form and post-reinforced products with added aluminum.
  • offers two-sided sandwich panels and cheaper and one-sided insulated roof panels, which are covered with aluminum foil at the bottom.
  • gives a warranty of up to 40 years on its products.

The square meter prices start from around thirty euros, on average you have to expect forty euros.

Tips & Tricks

In order to achieve the optimum insulation and insulation effect, the panels or roof panels should be expertly cut.

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