Insulated glass windows - information and facts

The heating costs rise every winter and the technology evolves as a result. Windows are already outdated after a few years. Above all, the glazing of older windows causes heat loss of up to one third. Well worth the thought, the windows to completely renew or glaze, right?

double glazing

The glazing with a double pane, also known as laminated glass or Thermopenfenster, was in their time also a so-called insulating glazing. Therefore, you have to differentiate exactly and look closely at the pane and the frame, because at first glance there is no difference from the outside, between the old windows, through which heat can escape almost unhindered, and a real modern insulated glass window.

Insulating glazing - what makes them different?

The thermal insulation is achieved in an insulating glazing by the structure of the disc and not necessarily by the strength of the individual glass. He arrives at the inner values ​​in the window as in real life.

Filling the gaps

Even just four millimeters thick can save heat extremely effectively. This is made possible by a filling of the space between the panes with a noble gas. Krypton or argon conducts the heat poorly or not at all. Although the heat can pass through the inner pane, it does not get there and therefore can not escape to the outside.


In many cases, the discs are additionally coated. These coatings are also inside the glazing to reflect the heat back into the room. In this case, however, most of the mistakes are often caused by carelessness of the glaziers, because if the glass is installed upside down, the heat escapes.

Insulated glass windows - individual aspects

These individual modules must interact harmoniously with an effective insulating glass window:

  • glass thickness
  • Number of slices
  • Strength of the space between the panes
  • Content of this space
  • Sealing the disc edges
  • Number of hollow chambers in the frame
  • Number of seals in frame
  • Closing heads and locks
  • Installation and wall connection

Installation of an insulating glass window

If the client has bought a high-quality window, there is still a hurdle for him. He has to check if his craftsmen have really separated the window from the insulation of the wall. Here are very specific rules must be met to make the wall connection without creating a thermal bridge. Lay people should get the help of an expert at the latest at this point in the construction. He can accurately judge whether the work has been carried out cleanly.

Tips & Tricks

Of course, the thermal insulation of the house can not be achieved with high-quality insulating glass windows alone. The insulation of the walls should fit already. Likewise, the front door must be of the same standard as the windows, so effort and expense make sense.

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