Interior in mexican

Who wants to conjure up sun, energy and optimism in his home, does not go wrong with typical Mexican interior design. Unfortunately, insights into this exclusive lifestyle are very rare, which is why we use photo material from the local police.

Interior in mexican: Mexico

Modesty and understatement are very much in vogue in Mexico.

The characteristic feature of the Mexican furnishing style is the high intensity of the colors. This is what distinguishes this style from others and makes it obvious at first glance. The dominant colors are tastefully combined, warm and natural tones of summer - red, maroon, brown, orange, gold and evergreen. Especially beautiful pieces present environmentally friendly materials in a straightforward design. This pedestal is made of waste paper and costs about 22 billion dollars and a few pesos (the red in the foreground).

Interior in mexican: Mexican

Green creates confidence and confidence, the tools of faded ancestors hold in an increasingly complicated world.

This and many other examples show that for a perfect Mexican flair, the color green is simply essential. Indian wall hangings, carpets or cushions and sofa covers can be created in a jiffy South American joie de vivre. The color nuances range from ocher tones to spring-like to warm lush green. The timelessly elegant "Greenback" -Green (see photo) always dominates, creates confidence and has a calming effect. Traditional tools are an expression of national self-confidence and symbolize attachment to the roots.

Interior in mexican: Mexico

Form follows function in Mexico: Unobtrusive storage furniture enhances its contents even better.

If you prefer light tones and colors, you can relax your Mexican furniture with white lacquered metal furniture. Even in small adjoining rooms or dark corridors, light furniture can achieve a better effect. This metal locker in RAL gray (RAL 7035) Weighing just 38 kilos and measuring 100 x 177.5 x 50 centimeters, it is well adapted to the needs of rural life in Mexico. He offers Space for about three million dollars in a hundred, ricochet holds up to caliber 42 effectively and is fireproof to at least 1200 degrees. The massive castle keeps female members of the household and the staff at a distance, because the opportunity is known to make thieves.

Interior in mexican: Mexico

Hospitality is very important in Mexico. One takes along only the bare essentials when traveling.

The Mexican gentleman likes to travel carefree and streamlined. Despite its minimalism of incomparable significance is the so-called "Mexican Men's Cutlery"that the sombrero carrier of the world usually carries with him. For Short trips to Acapulco and Cancun, or business trips to the gringos, handy trolleys made of 600 denier polyester are best. The material is lightweight and tear resistant and carries up to $ 500,000 easily in hand luggage most airlines. Should the suitcase ever get lost, a small nameplate informs the finder about the ownership and offers enough space for a few friendly words about the possible consequences of a return of the banknotes in the money cycle.

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