Pipe interior renovation - advantages and disadvantages

Pipe interior renovation is a special process in which drinking water pipes, after cleaning, can be coated with an epoxy resin from the inside. However, the process has raised many questions over the years.

Drinking water pipe or underfloor heating

What raises the floor heating still no questions, is no longer so popular with the drinking water line. Pipe interior renovation has been used since 1987, but depending on the coating material used and the method of cleaning, the process can be problematic for the health.

Water pipes age

Most water pipes were made of galvanized steel pipe. It accumulates deposits and a kind of rust over the years. This not only reduces the flow, but ultimately leads to a leak.

Cleaning from the inside

Either the tube is cleaned from the inside with a sharp jet, similar to a high-pressure cleaner, or a pickling process is used.

Pipe interior renovation with epoxy resin

After cleaning, the tube is sealed inside with the epoxy resin. A check of the correct execution is not possible, therefore, it always comes back to mistakes.

Rules of the craft

Both the coating guideline of the Federal Environmental Agency and the regulations for crude amine renovation of the German association of the gas and water industry deal with this procedure. However, the DVGW decided in 2011 to withdraw its worksheets.

The reasons lie in the coating materials, which do not yet meet the requirements of the Federal Environmental Agency. In addition, the question of liability for damage to health is apparently still unclear. In addition, one is not fully agreed on the life of this renovation.

Problems of the system

The first problem is the thorough cleaning, which is difficult to verify. Then the coating must absolutely wet every angle and piece of pipe from the inside. Since the correct execution can only be more or less documented by extensive documentation, the system is difficult to control and not reliable.

Ingredients in epoxy resin

The epoxy resin contains bisphenol A and epichlorohydrin, which is why the product is considered very critical for use in drinking water pipes. In the meantime, even the district court in Cologne has granted a tenant a rent reduction of 20 percent, because the renovation of the pipes was carried out with this procedure.

The health department of Frankfurt am Main also rejected the procedure and noted that this method does not comply with the rules of technology that must be complied with for drinking water. The district court Bensheim even criticized the lack of a type approval for this procedure.

Tips & Tricks

Pipe interior renovation may be the fastest and cheapest method. But as long as it is questionable whether you do not harm the health of your family, you should prefer the more expensive and expensive method of pipe replacement.

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