Interior plaster: Know the maximum thickness

Interior walls can also plaster lay people. Finished plaster from the trade make things easy. But how thick must the interior plaster be applied and is there a difference between different interior plaster materials? We show what matters.

Which plaster can be used?

Plaster is one of the most common interior coatings of living spaces and serves either as an underlay for painting or wallpapering as well as for other decorative wall coatings. As interior plasters, organic or inorganic materials are available for this purpose. Both have the same maximum interior plaster thicknesses.

Mineral interior plasters

They consist of sand and binders, such as gypsum, lime, cement or mixtures thereof. If these are mixed with water, a chemical reaction is created and the components are combined. These include, for example:

  • Plaster with high quality optics
  • Restoration plaster for damp substrates

Pasty interior plasters

These are plastic plasters that are made from organic binders. They are only offered as ready-to-use plaster and do not have to be mixed or prepared with water. This includes:

  • Synthetic resin plaster with large color palette for decorative design
  • Silicate plaster for fast processing

How thick is the plaster to apply?

Cleaning is not only a lot of effort, the plaster also costs money. Therefore, it is important to know which minimum and maximum values ​​must be adhered to in order to obtain an optimal wall surface. You can apply the interior plaster in one or two layers. The single-layer plaster reduces the time and material costs. The thickness of the plaster is regulated in a standard and can be read under DIN18550-2 and DIN EN 998-1.

Brushing modeaverage plaster thicknessMinimum plaster thickness
Thin-layer plaster3 to 6 mm3 mm
Single-layer interior plaster from factory dry mortar10 mm5 mm
All other interior plasters15 mm10 mm
Multi-layer plaster15 mm total thickness10 mm total thickness
Restorationat least 20 mm total thicknessat least 20 mm total thickness

Tips & Tricks

Please note that in some cases manufacturers of finished plaster also specify different plaster thicknesses, especially for their plastering systems, which are required due to the requirements.

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