The interior plaster temperature - decisive for the result

High heat, cold or wet can paralyze a construction site for days or weeks. But what temperatures and humidity tolerate a new interior plaster? We tell you what to look for.

What to look for at low temperatures?

Basically, you should not plaster a wall at a construction site under 5° C, whether outside or inside. Below 5 degrees, the cement and lime can no longer set, the interior plaster dries badly and does not harden.

What to look for at high temperatures?

Warm and hot days, a lot of wind or direct sunlight also make plastering difficult. Do not polish at temperatures above 30° C. The plaster dries too fast and gets cracks.

Tips & Tricks

Always pay attention to the processing instructions of the manufacturer for which temperature range the plaster is suitable when using ready-mixed plaster mixtures.

Product Image: Sappasit / Shutterstock

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